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Next Art of Dog Training Class Starts 26 April, 2018

Top Tier K9 is the fastest growing dog trainer school in the country. We train our students to think like an entrepreneur and educate them on how to effectively manage scope, time and costs in starting and running their own businesses as well as training dogs and their owners. No other dog trainer school offers what Top Tier K9 delivers. Staffed with some of the top dog trainers and business trainers in the world we teach you how to properly train pets, working dogs and service dogs while running your own business. This is the American dream. To own and manage your own time and effort to the benefit of yourself, your family, and your community.

Visit and enroll in our next class. each class is limited to 7 students with 3 instructors giving you a (2.33 to 1) student instructor other school gives you that much individual attention...not even close.

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