Congratulations Ms. Alyssa Browning

Please help us congratulate Alyssa Browning as the newest Top Tier K9 Certified Instructor. This is one of the toughest and most advanced certifications that can be achieved through Top Tier K9. It requires a mastery of dog training skills coupled with a mastery of people training skills and the ability to communicate effectively with both K9s and Humans.

Top Tier K9 is the only dog trainer school that offers career changing certifications based on Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy and Dr. Bloom's world renowned levels of learning as he created them, not how others changed them. At the synthesis level of learning, the level reached by Ms. Browning, one can take pieces of expertise from multiple skill sets and create something new, something no one else has ever thought of before. The two synthesis levels of learning that Ms. Browning has achieved apply to dog training and human teaching.

Dog Training: Alyssa has certified as both a pet trainer and a Foundation Dog trainer at Top Tier K9. The Foundation Dog trainer certification that Alyssa earned proved a learning level of Analysis by Dr. Bloom's standards. Alyssa then certified in our Masters program as a Service Dog trainer; actually finishing her Foundation Dog as a service dog for a disabled veteran. Alyssa then trained more than 40 Foundation Dogs and assisted in finishing those dogs as protection dogs, service dogs, and special security dogs including COVID-19 detection dogs. This work, and the six sigma quality measurements applied to the processes and outcomes, proved a Synthesis level of learning was achieved by Ms. Browning.

Human Teaching: Unlike any other dog trainer school, Top Tier K9 brings to the table one of the most advanced

human education systems in the industry. In fact, when