Top Tier K9's Disabled Veteran and First Responder Programs

Top Tier K9 runs the "Build a Battle Buddy" the "Buy a Battle Buddy" and the "Emotional Support Dogs for Veterans (ESDogs)" programs and partners with Forgotten Coast K9 (www.forgottencoastk9.org) a 501 C(3) charity to provide the services required to train a disabled veteran/first responder how to train his own service dog (build a battle buddy), how to handle a service dog provided to the veteran or first responder (buy a battle buddy) or the Emotional Support Dogs for Veterans program that provides emotion support dogs to veterans who may not need a full blown service dog (ESDogs).  These programs includes a charitable element that pays for most of the costs associated with tuition, the dogs, and the finishing programs.  Selected disabled veterans and first responders must contribute to there own training.  Top Tier K9 provides a $1 for $1 match to the charity through reductions in tuition and associated fees.

Veterans must apply through Forgotten Coast K9 (www.ForgottenCoastK9.org) and must provide a portion of the overall costs of the program (not to exceed 25%) through local fund raising, family contributions, or simply out of pocket.  Our research and experience has proven that simply giving a service dog to someone is the wrong approach and seldom works.  We developed this program to help ensure the veteran receives an education, trains his own service dog, and can replicate that training in the future to train his next service dog. (Learning to start and run his own dog training business is phase 2 and is optional in this program)

We are aligning the proper businesses for effective contributions and sponsorships of this program.  Donations can be made to acquire the working line puppies, outfit the puppies with leashes, collars, climbs, veterinary care, crates, treats, toys, food etc..., and the tuition necessary to complete all the training required and proven to be the right formula and approach for training service dogs. 

This is the chance of a lifetime for our disabled veterans who are interested in this skillset.  To donate to this program or find out the next program offering please visit www.ForgottenCoastK9.com




























Core elements of our programs:  

Balanced dog training:  Our students learn how to apply the tools necessary to successfully train dogs whether they are offering a purely positive solution for their clients or a balanced offering utilizing a process that rewards positive behaviors and corrects negative behaviors with the least amount of corrective action necessary to stop the unwanted behaviors.  We teach the techniques and methods that actually work in training dogs and package them in a way that the owners of the dogs can continue/replicate the training they learn.

Replicable processes pet training:  The methods we teach are the same methods we use in our own dog training businesses.  We have determined the 80/20 rule as it applies to training and satisfying dogs and their owners.  We have developed a method of sales and service delivery to clients aimed at the 80/20 rule and have supported that with documents, contracts, DVD and internet support allowing our certified trainers to deliver consistent results that satisfy the typical client in their own business offerings.

Replicable processes Foundation Dog® training:  We have developed a method to imprint new working line puppies beginning at 6 weeks old and have established a program management process that ensures the proper training is completed in a way that ensures the happiness, health and progress of the puppy.  There are 4 phases of development with multi-week intervals involving gateways that test the progress of the puppy through the defined development process to assist in forecasting and exploiting the strengths and weaknesses of each puppy for development as a virus detection dog, bomb/narcotics dog (any specific odor), protection dog, sports dog, tracker, search and rescue dog and service dogs for people with severe disabilities. And all of the above, multi-purpose super dogs.  


This replicable process is taught within our Foundation Dog® Trainer Program.  Students then demonstrate their competency by imprinting and forecasting their own working line puppy within our Foundation Dog® Trainer Program (Live On-Line), and then demonstrate proficiency within select function elements related to their specific business desires in our Foundation Dog® Certification Program live on-site or through our International one-on-one internet interface.


**** Top Tier K9 was the first to ever train a dog to hunt for and indicate on the COVID-19 virus.  This is because of the processes used in the training of our Foundation Dogs®.  It only takes a couple of weeks to take a Foundation Dog® and finish it as a virus detection dog.

Replicable processes business development and project management training:  we teach our students the basics of project management including time, cost and scope management.  Within this triple constraint exists all of the common issues related to customer satisfaction.  We teach our students how to satisfy customers by applying replicable project management processes to the training of their client's dogs and to effectively communicate the scope,  each dog is a new project and the application of effective project management improves client satisfaction and business success. 

Top Tier K9 Certifications

Pet Trainer Certification (Domestic and International):  

  • Demonstrate competency in satisfying customers by effectively defining and managing scope

  • Demonstrate competency in training pets by applying a balanced approach to dog training

  • Comprehend health and nutritional requirements for dogs

  • Comprehend the triple constraint to managing projects and how to manage customer expectations

  • Comprehend how to start and effectively run your own dog training business

  • Pass an application level of learning written test on Pet training and associated business concepts.

Foundation Dog® Trainer Certification (Domestic and International)

  • Comprehend the difference between pet training and working dog training

  • Apply Top Tier K9's four phased approach to imprinting a working line puppy

  • Demonstrate competency in each functional element of working dog training

    • Advanced obedience

    • Tracking

    • Scent Detection

    • Protection

  • Comprehend how to add working dog training to a pet training business.

  • Pass an Analysis level of learning written test on working dog training and associated business concepts.

Service Dog Trainer Certification

  • Comprehend the rules and requirements associated with the Americans with Disabilities Act as it applies to service dogs

  • Demonstrate competency of adding medical support services to existing Top Tier K9 foundation dogs

  • Pass an application level of learning written test on service dog training and associated business concepts.

Special Security Dog Handler Certification (Domestic and International))

  • Demonstrate comprehension in the four functional areas of the Foundation Dog® training program

  • Demonstrate competency in managing the health and welfare of the selected Foundation Dog®

  • Demonstrate proficiency in the four functional areas as a team with the selected Foundation Dog®.

  • Demonstrate competency in problem solving in mission specific scenarios

  • Pass an analysis level of learning test on all four functional areas of training (Tracking, Scent Detection, Apprehension/Protection and Advanced Obedience)


Certified Affiliate (Domestic and International)

  • Maintains annual continuation training based on specific level of certification (Pet, Working Dog, Service Dog, Safe Catch Decoy) as required by Top Tier K9