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Don't miss this decoy camp

Our Decoy/Handler camp is smoking hot and growing to be one heck of a great outing. 24-29 February starts at 9:30am Saturday the 24th at our Madison Fl location.

Learn A-Z how to raise a puppy to become an amazing protection dog: obedience, advanced obedience, scent detection, tracking (Foundation Dog) and learn to finish a Foundation Dog® and a green dog as a high level protection/apprehension dog.

Demonstrations at every level including 2 brand new puppies being introduced to the world at this seminar. These puppies will be showcased on a coming television commercial and their stories will unfold nationally as we showcase the absolute best training available in the world, the Foundation Dog® training program, the heart of Top Tier K9®.

We will be working close to 25 dogs (so far) as we train you to perform decoy/helper work, the art of improving bite, drive, and consistency in protection, apprehension, and K9/Handler load management.

What you get: If you are a dog trainer and want to learn to offer protection dog services then this is for you and you will learn more in this camp than you learn in most schools.

If you are an owner of a dog and you want to see if your dog has what it takes to become a protection dog, and learn how to choose a great decoy to help you.

If you are law enforcement and want an amazing experience with your K9, or you want to gain skill and confidence to apply for a K9 handler position.

We have 5 franchisees coming with their demo dogs, we have several veterans coming with their service dogs that also protect, we have more than a dozen Top Tier K9 master dog trainers coming and even better, some guitar playing at our bonfires for nighttime fellowshipping.

Sat-Sun is academics: You will learn the what and How of turning a puppy into a Foundation Dog, and learn to see the difference/value of a Foundation Dog compared to a green dog.

Saturday night bonfire with great fellowshipping, (bonfire sponsored by Hurricane Idalia)

Mon-Tues: Learn to be a solid decoy with lots of help, helpers, and dogs to work with.

Wed: working lots of dogs and improving the dogs and their owners/handlers with a break to see how we trained the world's first COVID-19 detection dogs.

Thursday: recap should be done by 1pm.

If you can only make it on the weekend, you will still gain valuable training and we will work your dog if you have to bolt to get back to your job on Monday.

Taught by master dog trainers and certified instructors. We are the best in the business at training dogs and humans.

This is a full program designed at the application level of learning for obedience, protection/apprehension and Foundation Dog® capability versus green dog capability.

Knowledge and comprehension level learning on scent, advanced obedience, and tracking.

Come see why Top Tier K9® is recognized as one of the top dog training programs in the world.

Learn about our franchising opportunities at

Learn about our VR dog training center at


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