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Business Integration and Support


Top Tier K9 took extraordinary steps to help mitigate the damage associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.  Proving that dogs could hunt for and indicate on the COVID-19 virus has helped our economy begin to rebuild.

Businesses now have a resource that allows them to safely and quickly deploy K9 into their organizational assets.  Top Tier K9 provides a complete, centralized integration and support solution that takes the guesswork out of using dogs to support your mission, vision and values regardless of the industry you are in.


Using world class project and program management processes, Top Tier K9 works with your organization to effectively plan and execute a successful integration of K9 operations into your organization for things like security, employee protection and health, virus detection and isolation, the detection of explosive devises or narcotics, and even functions that support your total ROI like mineral and precious metal detection.

We provide the fully trained dogs, we train your handlers or provide handlers for you, we teach your staff how to work with the dogs, we greatly reduce the risk of the deployment and use of dogs, we provide ongoing support and maintenance for the dogs and the handlers.  We even provide outsourcing options for risk management.

Our experts are ready to help you develop a solid project plan for the integration of dogs into your business portfolio so you can not only increase the safety and security of your facilities and staff, but be prepared for the next pandemic which all experts agree is coming.


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