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Franchise Option

For the last decade or more, Top Tier K9 has focused on training dogs and training dog trainers.  We have helped over 100 dog trainers start and run their own private labeled dog training businesses.  The success of these businesses has exceeded expectations.  With the right level of maturity, our graduates have become some of the top dog trainers in the world.  The biggest challenge has been the amount of time it takes for a person to create brand awareness around their private label dog training business.  

Success has been based on the careful and thoughtful  application of the Top Tier K9 balanced dog training and owner training methods as well as the business development processes learned by our graduates in our industry leading business bootcamp.

To make success come faster for our graduates, we offer a franchise option allowing the best to start their own Top Tier K9 dog training business in a protected territory.  Top Tier K9 is available as a franchise option in every state of the United States of America.  Interested parties are required to complete our pet training and pet trainer certification programs as well as our Foundation Dog trainer class that will result in a demonstration dog (demo dog) for our franchisees.  In addition, demo dogs can be purchased from Top Tier K9 in the event a replacement is needed.

Top Tier K9 will continue to support private label dog trainers, and their businesses, that are certified under our Academy for Dog Trainers.  The Franchise option is available to those trainers that meet the highest standards.