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Thank You for a Great 2022

It has been an amazing 2022 for Top Tier K9. This is only our 8th full year in business and we have improved our programs in preparation for a record breaking 2023. Compare what Top Tier K9 is doing to organizations that have been around for 20-30 even 40 years. Looking forward to an amazing 2023 and we thank all our friends, students, customers, franchisees and affiliates for their help making this all possible. Visit to learn more and you can contact our CEO direct, that's right, our CEO answers the phone because YOU are important and dogs deserve that.

The School: The Top Tier K9 Academy for Dog Trainers. We surpassed 150 certified Pet Trainers across the globe and we added/enhanced our International certification program that no longer requires our overseas students to travel to the US for their "Application Level of Learning" hands on test. By using our Virtual Reality Dog Training Center students combine our live online training with practice sessions using the VR headset. The students then demonstrate their work with paying customers through our online academy to prove their skill and achieve their Pet Trainer Certification. Foundation Dog will be added to the VR platform in 2023.

Community based Pet Training: We now offer pet training through our 3 corporate locations covering all of Northern Florida (Madison, Tallahassee and Milton) using a newly designed and interactive training experience for pets and their owners.

This new process achieved through our live online training and VR application experience has allowed us to reduce the amount of time it takes to train the pet and more importantly to train the owners to maintain their newly trained pets.

Service Dog and Protection Dog sales: We reduced our inventory this year by doubling our sales of protection dogs and service dogs from 2021. 2022 saw a successful launch of our Build a Battle Buddy program for disabled veterans and first responders through our partnership with Forgotten Coast K9: a 501 C(3).

2022 Opened up our "K9 warriors for Women" program with brand ambassador Cambrie Schroder daughter of actor Ricky Schroder. Cambrie owns Top Tier K9 "Scope" and shares her experiences with her 500,000 social media followers of her "beast" as she refers to Scope.

Our breeding program: Litters on the Ground. As our sales continue increase for service and protection dogs, we are amping up our Litters on the Ground program and announced this month a competition between 2 world class litters via Holland/KNPV world class line breedings (Big Roy, Devil, Tommy) and a litter that was put together through our own dogs in Madison Florida (different blood lines between the Holland litters and ours). This competition is to test the quality of our local breedings compared to what Holland/KNPV produces, long term. Our goal is "constant improvement" and our metrics is based on producing service dogs that also protect. That requires amazing dogs and our equally amazing Foundation Dog® training program and finishing programs.

​Facilities and our new Black Water Bay location. With upcoming contracts Top Tier K9 established an additional corporate location along Blackwater Bay in Milton Florida. This facility is an R&D facility related to our finishing programs for Foundation Dogs® (special security/Advanced scent detection), our Virtual Reality Dog Training Center, our Live online Foundation Dog® Trainer program and our Masters programs including Franchise training and support.

500,000 people live within 55 minutes of this facility including 6 military bases/special unites for our contract support.

​Our Franchise System: 2022 launched the Top Tier K9 Franchise system allowing the best of the best in the dog training world to take advantage of our brand, our training processes and our success in the industry. There are 2 levels of the franchise system. Level one is pet training and level 2 is Foundation Dog® training, finishing and sales.

Our Affiliate System: Powered by Top Tier K9 is an Affiliated system that allows boarding facilities, kennels, veterinarian offices, and other organizations to use the Top Tier K9 Academy for Dog Trainers to train and certify their trainers, maintain ongoing certification continuation requirements, and provide quality oversight as they offer a certified and balanced approach to dog training to their clients. Look for huge announcements early 2023 in this arena.

The world's first and only Virtual Reality Dog Training Center was launched by Top Tier K9 in 2022. This system is used by our students and the clients of our Franchisees to help train humans in the ever elusive command sequence that exploits the timing, consistency and motivation required to successfully train a reliable dog. Humans practice until they get it right with our virtual dog (Obi) greatly reducing mistakes like over correcting, forgetting to use markers, pairing the marker with the reward/correction. The system helps users maintain the 1.3 second interval between dog reaction and reward/correction. Look for big announcements related to this system in 2023.

January 2023: US Army Contract: This will be the year that the Foundation Dog® begins to enter the ring, formally, against the traditional green dog reseller method of the past.

The work that we do will include our Litters on the Ground breeding program, our Foundation Dog® Trainer/training program, our finishing program for military K9 and advanced scent detection dogs. In addition, we will be conducting scenario work in the area of Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape training including Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Survival.

January 2023: 50 New Locations "Powered by Top Tier K9": This affiliate model allows traditional boarding, grooming, veterinarian care, and even non-dog related businesses to expand into a controlled and managed dog training program for their clients. "Powered by Top Tier K9" means the organization has certified Top Tier K9 trainers onsite, uses the Top Tier K9 training methods, uses the Virtual Reality Dog Training Center, and becomes an exclusive reseller/provider of Top Tier K9 finished Foundation Dogs® as service and protection dogs in their local communities. Look for more than 120 locations coming by the end of 2024 and 200 by the end of 2025.

​If you want to be a part of the Top Tier K9 Tsunami over the dog training industry, it all starts with the Pet Trainer program. The next program begins January 12th, 2023 live online with day and night options. Every Tuesday and Thursday for 1.5 hours each day covering 8 weeks followed by a shot at our Certification program for 2 weeks in Madison Florida and that certification includes the 1 week business bootcamp that teaches you how to start and run your own business. Pet trainer is still only $2950 and Pet Certification with Business Bootcamp is still only $3950. Visit to sign up. Job placement assistance now available as well for those who are not yet ready to be their own boss.


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