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Virtual reality Dog Training  Center

Learn to use dog training tools and our command sequence while teaching a virtual dog how to climb, sit, down, come and heel!  That's right, use corrections and rewards in a virtual reality dog training center to become proficient on training a dog, then make far fewer mistakes on your real dog.  Your real dog will thank you.

Our VR System

Top Tier K9 has launched the worlds first Virtual Reality Dog Training Center allowing our customers to work with a virtual dog prior to working with a real dog.  This has proven to greatly increase client learning and comprehension to the benefit of the client and his dog.

Training the owner/handler of the dog has always been harder than training the actual dog.  Top Tier K9 has become the best at  doing both.  Using a balanced approach to dog training, with rewards and the least amount of corrections necessary to stop bad behaviors, Top Tier K9's Academy for  Dog Trainers has risen to the top of the pack, world-wide.

Adding a new layer of owner/handler training improves the bond with the dog by allowing the owner/handler to make their mistakes in the virtual world, using a virtual dog as a training tool.  The program can be accessed from anywhere in the world, 24/7, using a Quest 2 VR Headset and downloading the Top Tier K9 VR application.

Using the System

Within the Virtual reality Dog Training Center, users can train a dog after placing a collar on the dog and attaching the leash to the collar.  The dog is then ready to listen to commands and then obey or disregard those commands based on the users ability to maintain a 1.3 second time variable within the Top Tier K9 command sequence.  The user must use the proper command and respond with the proper marker of 'yes" or "no" based on the dogs actions to the command.  The "yes" marker must always be followed with a reward and the "no" marker must always be followed with a correction, a re-command and then the proper marker based on the dogs new actions.

Look around on the walls of the Top Tier K9 Virtual reality dog training center to access our "K9 Warriors for Women" system, our "Build a battle Buddy" program and our Foundation Dog program and to see support pages for help while training your virtual dog.  You can also purchase training gear, instructional materials, food and other valuable products from our VR store.  You earn "Bite Coins" that can be applied for discounts on products and services.  The better a user gets at managing/training a virtual dog, the more bite coins he earns.


How it works:


Users need a Quest 2 or compatible VR headset with controllers and access to an internet connection through the headset.  Choose the Top Tier K9 application after installation is complete and begin the training program.  


The application can be purchased through our VR Training Subscription (beginning October 1, 2022) which includes the pet trainer video streamed into the headset.  

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