Protection Dogs


From 6 weeks old, Top Tier K9 Foundation Dogs are trained to protect their handlers from the bad guys. Foundation Dogs with the proper disposition are waiting to be finished as your executive or family protection dog.  Finishing a Foundation Dog as a protection dog takes less than 8 weeks.  The majority of that time is for you to learn how to manage and maintain the dog prior to taking the dog home with you.

A Foundation Dog is trained on 50 elements that roll up into 4 specific functions; tracking, scent detection, advanced obedience and protection.  So your protection dog can also be finished as a service dog, a scent detection dog (including narcotics, explosives or a virus detection such as COVID-19).

Foundation Dogs are ready to begin their transition to you at 12 months old.  We also have 2 and 3 year old dogs available to be finished as your protection dog.


Service Dogs that also protect and serve their owner

We train our Foundation Dogs® from 6 weeks old to be amazing service animals. Dogs that make it into phase 4 of our Foundation Dog® training program, are ready to be finished for specific needs of people with disabilities who will benefit from a service dog.

Some of the basic functions all of our dogs perform include:

  • Protection

  • Specific Odor Detection

  • Tracking

  • Search and Rescue

  • Item Retrieval

  • Off leash obedience


Each dog is specifically trained from 6 weeks old to a reward system making it easier to add any function related to service such as:

  • Opening/closing a door

  • Alerting to a specific sound, or change in environment

  • Waking someone from a bad dream

  • Pulling the owner out of a stress event

  • Turning on/off a light

  • Identifying and indicating on any odor including high and low blood sugar


Dogs are placed based on specific needs and abilities of the owners. When the right temperaments and dispositions are matched (Foundation Dogs® ), new training is added to our dogs based on the owners specific needs (finish work) while at the same time the owner is being trained on how to handle and manage the dog.


Certified Protection Dog Trainer Program

Top Tier K9 provides a Masters level program available to our Certified Foundation Dog® Trainers and select affiliates, The Protection Dog Certification Program designed to train our students to take a Foundation Dog® , imprinted and trained by one of our certified Foundation Dog® trainers, and finish that dog based on the specific needs as an executive or family protection dog. 

This program teaches our graduates how to effectively manage and train a protection dog and its new owner. 


Top Tier K9 Definitions:


Protection Dog: A dog that provides a level of security to it's owner as defined by Dr. Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs.  There are 10 levels of protection associated with a Top Tier K9 protection dog.  Each protection level increases the security level of the owner.

Service dog (Directly from the ADA): dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. Examples of such work or tasks include guiding people who are blind, alerting people who are deaf, pulling a wheelchair, alerting and protecting a person who is having a seizure, reminding a person with mental illness to take prescribed medications, calming a person with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) during an anxiety attack, or performing other duties.


Service animals are working animals, not pets. The work or task a dog has been trained to provide must be directly related to the person’s disability. Dogs whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA.


This definition does not affect or limit the broader definition of “assistance animal” under the Fair Housing Act or the broader definition of “service animal” under the Air Carrier Access Act.


Some State and local laws also define service animal more broadly than the ADA does. Information about such laws can be obtained from the State attorney general’s office.

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