Top Tier K9

Home of Top Tier K9 Academy for Dog Trainers our Madison Florida campus and Tallahassee Florida campus is where we conduct our advanced training programs for humans, pets and working dogs.  This is where we certify professional dog trainers from all over the world in the art of pet and working dog training.  Our techniques and methods of training dogs and their owners are the best in the business. We teach other people how to train dogs and we apply those techniques to training dogs in our own community. 

Our board and train offering (because it works) is our preferred method for training pets for our clients.  We evaluate you, your family and your dog at either location. We develop a custom training plan based on the scope of your needs and the needs of your beloved K9 companion, we then train you, your family and your dog so that your needs are met.

Pet Training Program

We train pets in our local area which includes the Florida cities of Madison, Tallahassee, Perry, Gainesville, Ocala, The Villages, Lake City and Jacksonville Florida as well as surrounding areas and Georgia cities of Valdosta and areas where owners are willing to travel to our location.  We have certified graduates of our Dog Training Academy all over the country and world.  Look for Top Tier K9 Certified Pet and Working Dog Trainers in your area. The techniques we use in our facilities are the same techniques we teach in our Academy for Dog Trainers.  If there was a better approach to training dogs, we would teach it.

Pets Plus (Working Dog) Program

Once your pet has completed our Pet Training Program they are eligible for our Pets Plus Program where they learn any or all of the following functions:

  • Protection

  • Scent detection

  • Tracking

  • Search and Rescue 

  • Advanced Obedience

Free Evaluation


We evalaute you and your pet for trainability and determine the best approach based on you and your dogs needs and abilities.  We discuss your specific needs and any behavioral issues the dog may have.  We also evaluate you, the owner.  We have found that our efforts need to be divided between the pet and the owner relative to training 40/60.  

There are many misconceptions about training dogs.  Our job is to ensure you effectively define your needs and comprehend what it is we will be doing with you and your dog so that proper expectations are set.  This makes for a winning approach for you and your dog.  Our systems are developed using world class project management.  We have certified project managers on staff, certified dog trainers, and certified teachers.  No other dog training program offers this level of quality assurance and experience.

Training Your Pet


We use a balanced approach to dog training that combines classical and elements of operant conditioning with timing, motivation, and consistency as our training principles.  We train people how to train dogs and we train dogs using these same principles.

We teach your dog to respond to voice commands, not react to your body language.  Once the dog is directional with those commands (meaning he comprehends the commands) we can then train your dog for off leash obedience.

Sit, down, climb, heel, come when called (recall), and out (or drop it) commands are all available in our programs.  Avoidance to dangerous objects and situations are also available to you and your dog.  We provide "board and train" services that are based on weekly training and evaluation of you and your pet to ensure your needs are being met.

We handle all pets with all problems.  Our pets plus program offers protection, tracking, scent detection, search and rescue as well as advanced obedience programs for the graduates of our basic course.

Training You


We train you while we are training your dog.  Each week of training you come to our location and practice with your dog.  You get to see the great progress and we get to evaluate your newly obtained dog handling skills you learn through our video based customer training program.

We offer at-home follow-ups as well as the most complete DVD library for dog training available anywhere.  Our programs are designed by certified instructors and course developers; not by someone who happens to be good with graphics or is simply good at training dogs; training the owner  is a requirement.  Our trainers are certified dog trainers and certified people trainers.

Only Top Tier K9 offers this complete program; your dog deserves the best and Top Tier K9 delivers the best in the industry.

Why You Should Use Top Tier K9 to Train You and Your Pet


According to the 2015-2016 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, you will spend $1,641 annually on your pet for things like routine vet visitis, food, and monthly prventavives for heartworm, flea and tick: That is an annual total of  $1,641.  The average pet lives 12 years equaling an investment of $19,692. Why spend that much money on a dog that is not trained?For just a little more money you have a dog that obeys you and adds value to your family.