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Top Tier K9 Covid-19 Detection Dogs Begin Their Airport Work

Top Tier K9 Covid-19 Detection Dogs will be deploying to airports across the globe. As part of the training the young puppies are exposed to environments they will be operating in as adult dogs. Today, several of the Foundation Dogs® accompanied by Top Tier K9 staff and students deployed to the Valdosta Airport in Georgia for training within their operational environment.. In this video you will see a young, 6 month old puppy that has completed phase 3 of the Top tier K9 Foundation Dog® program, perform a hunt and an indication to odor in the corner of the airport, next to the baggage belt just as the siren is fired up and the belt begins to move. Watch the steadiness of the puppy and see

Foundation Dogs® Lead the Way

A Foundation Dog® begins his training at 6 weeks old and is eligible for level 3 certification at 6 months old. In that timespan, the Foundation Dog® is trained on 50 elements that roll up into 4 specific functions: Tracking, Scent Detection, Protection, Advanced Obedience. A certified Foundation Dog® is then "finished" (level 4) through one of the Top Tier K9 finishing programs: Level 4 finishing schools include: Police K9, Military K9, Service Dog, Service Dog that Protects, Executive Protection Dog, and Special Security Dog. Top Tier K9 has an Academy for Dog Trainers that prepares people to train and finish Foundation Dogs® in their own communities as well as a business development pr

Covid-19 Detection K9 Handler Training

Beginning on Monday May 11th, Top Tier K9 will be conducting a 2 week Live Online handler training program for Foundation Dogs® being finished as Covid-19 Detection Dogs. The class includes a comprehension level of learning (see Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy) on the management of a Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog® trained in tracking, scent detection, advanced obedience and protection/apprehension. Included in the training is team survival training for nuclear, biological and chemical scenarios. Following the live-online training is a live onsite training program for handler certification at Top Tier K9's Madison Florida campus followed by a Hazmat certification program based on the theater of oper

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