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Say no to Euthanasia

We are launching a foundation (charitable contributions are probably a year out) that will work with our franchises to train shelter dogs and help them get adopted in their communities.

Top Tier K9® Corporate will take on the challenge of training all the folks who want to adopt one of these fully trained dogs. While we train the future owners using our internet learning system and our Virtual Reality Dog Training Center, our franchises will train the dogs in what is arguably the best dog training process on the planet.

Look for this to be fully up and running Q2 of 2024.

10 years ago, when Top Tier K9 started, one of our primary missions was to empty shelters (but not through euthanasia like is done today). 4.9 million dogs are euthanized each year in America. The vast majority of them have behavioral issues that our training process can fix. Match that trained dog up with a fully trained owner and we will not only be saving dogs, we will be creating new families.

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