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O'Fallon Missouri

Top Tier K9 – O’Fallon Missouri is ready to provide you with the “gateway” to dog training and associated services you need throughout St. Louis and surrounding areas. Owner Scott Verhey, Certified Pet Trainer, spent much of his career helping run major corporations then moved on to owning a pet sitting/dog walking business with his wife, Alicia. He now
enjoys training dogs and their owners to be the best they can be with a science backed communication system.

A few reasons why to choose Top Tier K9 versus the competition?

  1. Top dog training school in the world.

  2. World’s first Dog Training in the metaverse for Clients

  3. Trained the world’s first dog to find and indicate on the Covid-19 virus.

  4. Finally, how many trainers do you know that have their own science backed system and trademark in dog training? We do: Foundation Dog®



Why board and train over other training methods?  The simple answer is consistency and routine.  Can you train your dog numerous times a day without interruption?  Do you have a family that may reinforce bad behaviors while you are not around?  Most will say, “Yes”, to one of these two questions and those are just a few examples.  

We Train YOU!

We go above and beyond to help you the owner succeed with 1:1 coaching weekly with a demo of your dog’s skillset and ensuring you can follow the timing and consistency, access to our training videos to educate you on the science behind our balanced training, and the ability to test your skills in the world’s only dog training in virtual reality in the Metaverse to practice your skillset.  

We also offer Service Dogs, Emotional Support Dogs, Protection Dogs, Special Security Dogs, as well as dogs that demonstrate Scent Discrimination and Tracking.  You can view our inventory of Top Tier K9’s available Foundation Dogs®. 


We are here to help!


Contact us at 636-248-2932 or Email to discuss all your dog training needs.


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