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Litters on the Ground

It all starts with a great puppy and an honest breeder

Understanding the difference between a professional breeder and a backyard breeder is paramount to reducing the stress and risk associated with obtaining a great puppy to start your journey of dog ownership.

Our System

Our unique process, developed specifically to create advanced working dogs, is proven and without peer.  This process is taught to our students in our Foundation Dog® Trainer course and our students who intend to certify demonstrate this training method with their own working class puppy.


We build a specific training plan for the puppy based on his/her unique temperament and disposition as well as the future owners specific needs and desires.  Do you want a family protection dog?  A dual purpose protection/bomb detection dog?  A dog you want to win trials or nosework competitions with?  Do you want a dog to help your veteran with PTSD?  We custom build your dogs education plan, providing exactly what is needed for your dog to be successful.


Through this Trademarked and world class approach to dog training, we have built an amazing network of breeders and have developed a breeder training and certification program for our students. 

It Starts with a Great Puppy

Most of us have gone through the process of trying to find a great puppy to bring into our homes and become part of our family.  Many have been hoodwinked by unscrupulous breeders touting stories of grandeur about previous litters or promising you delivery from an overseas location that never happens, or the most common...the litter was never born (but thanks for the deposit).  Dogs are livestock and even the most thoroughly tested and managed breeding can have unpredictable results including genetic challenges that exist in the human and dog breeding processes.

We have dealt with many students who are attempting to acquire great working line puppies for use in their education at our Academy for Dog Trainers.  They call hundreds of breeders to try and find a good puppy that will actually work in protection, as COVID-19 detection dogs, search & rescue, police/military work or as a service dog for someone with disabilities.

How it works:


Top Tier K9 provides real-time access to our certified breeders for trainers to inspect litters and we assist you in selecting the right puppy for your specific needs.

These include Dutch Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, British Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and more.

Students enrolled in Top Tier K9's Foundation Dog® Trainer Program, Certified Foundation Dog® Trainers and our Franchisees can access Top Tier K9's Litters on the Ground Program.


The public can acquire a finished dog from the Foundation Dog® program through many of our 50 certified locations (2023) 120 certified locations (2024) and 200 certified locations (2025)

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