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Litters on the Ground

It all starts with a great puppy from our breeding program.

Understanding the difference between a professional breeder and a backyard breeder is paramount to reducing the stress and risk associated with obtaining a great puppy to start your journey of dog ownership.  Increase your chance of a long, happy and healthy relationship with your dog by doing it all right...or don't get a working dog at all.  Hobby breeders are NOT great working line breeders.    Our combined breeding and training program does it all.

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Our System

Our unique training and testing processes, developed specifically to create advanced working dogs (Foundation Dog® program) that live long and healthy lives, is proven, trademarked, and without peer.  Our breeding program (Litters on the Ground) ensures quality puppies available to our current students for their Foundation Dog Trainer class and for our Franchisees for ongoing development of service dogs, protection dogs and special security dogs for their clients.

To be clear, the vast majority of our program washouts are better than the average police K9, service dog, military K9, or protection dog on the street.  We breed and build for perfection, to have certified Foundation Dogs that are ready to be finished out for customers specific needs or used as demonstration dogs for our businesses across the nation.

Through this Trademarked and world class approach to dog training, we have built an amazing network of breeders and have developed our own breeding program in support of the Top Tier K9 Academy for Dog Trainers and Top Tier K9 Franchising.

It Starts with a Great Puppy

Most of us have gone through the process of trying to find a great puppy to bring into our homes and become part of our family.  Many have been hoodwinked by unscrupulous breeders touting stories of grandeur about previous litters or promising you delivery from an overseas location that never happens, or the most common...the litter was never born (but thanks for the deposit, we can help you next year..maybe).  Dogs are livestock and even the most thoroughly tested and managed breeding can have unpredictable results including genetic challenges that exist in the human and dog breeding processes.  One should pay as much attention to the genetics of the breeder as well as the bloodlines of the dog.

We have dealt with many students who are attempting to acquire great working line puppies for use in their education at our Academy for Dog Trainers.  They call hundreds of breeders to try and find a good puppy that will actually work in protection, as virus detection dogs, search & rescue, police/military work or as a service dog for someone with disabilities.  It is almost impossible to find a great puppy and certainly harder to find a great puppy when a buyer wants it NOW, and with no consideration for the training of the dog.  They believe "AKC registration" or "papers" matter...they have been hoodwinked by the old "symbolism over substance".

Top Tier K9 has a world class breeding program in support of our students and Franchises.  We do not sell our puppies to the public.  These puppies are bred specifically for the training program taught at our school, the Foundation Dog training program that trains a dog to be expert at tracking, scent detection, advanced obedience and protection.  A multi-purpose K9, ready then to be finished as a family/executive protection dog, military/LE K9, service dog (service dogs that also protect), and/or special security dogs like virus detection dogs.  Foundation Dogs were the first dogs on the planet to be able to hunt for and indicate on the COVID-19 virus, they set the bar for all future deployments of virus detection dogs.

If you want one of these beauties, you can acquire one fully trained from Top Tier K9 Corporate or from any of our franchises across the nation.  Using a franchise ensures you have ongoing training and support available for your Top Tier K9 from a local trainer.

How it works:


Our breeders are hand selected from our inventory of Foundation Dogs.  Adult males and females that are the best of the best in tracking, scent detection, protection and advanced obedience.  The ones with the best disposition, the best temperament, and the best performance in the field.

Pawprint genetics testing helps ensures we are starting with the healthiest parents available.  Parents that are not passing on any of the breed specific diseases that can be detected. This is imperative to a safe and healthy breeding program.

Pennhip testing.  Hips are tested for the laxity in the hips to give us the highest confidence that dysplasia is not carried by our breeding males and females.

OFA elbows and Hips:  In addition to the advanced Pennhip testing on the hips, elbows are also tested through OFA and probable OFA hip results are included in the Pennhip testing.

The litters are nurtured, tested and trained from day one.  Exposure to varying temperatures, surfaces, and sounds through a process that helps us fully understand each puppy and to bring the most out of each puppy as an individual.  Pack and individual development is included in our Litters on the Ground program.

Foundation Dog® Training:


Our Litters are separated at the right time and as early as their development allows.  Each puppy is assigned to a trainer and the 4 phased Foundation Dog training begins.  Building amazing working dogs from the ground up.  Once phase 3 is completed, the dogs are ready to be finished for their buyers, or finished as a demo dog for the trainer's dog training business, be that a white label business or a Top Tier K9 Franchise. All finishing work is part of our Master's programs.  A trainer must be a Top Tier K9 certified Master Dog Trainer to finish Foundation Dogs for their clients.  Top Tier K9 tests and certifies all Foundation Dogs for quality, health and process compliance.  A trainer who sells a service dog, protection dog or special security dog that is NOT certified by Top Tier K9 Corporate as a Foundation Dog to begin with is not following the proper processes and should be avoided.

All level 2 Top Tier K9 Franchises (as well as Top Tier K9 - Corporate) are your go to trainers for Foundation Dog
® work and finishing programs.

Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4
Top Tier K9 Foundation Dogs

Top Tier K9 Foundation Dogs

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Current Litters available Approximately 15 October, 2024

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