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Top Tier K9 - Mobile Support Team (MST)

Certified in the summer of 2023, Top Tier K9 MST was launched in support of the Top Tier K9 Franchise System.  The MST is a traveling team of Professional and Master dog trainers certified by Top Tier K9.  Their mission is to respond to Top Tier K9 certified locations for multi-day seminars in advanced dog training techniques and methods. Call (850) 321-3253


Seminars Include

  • Balanced Approach to Dog Training (pinch collar, e-collar, and rewards based training seminars)

  • Advanced Obedience (Load management)

  • Protection Training (Bite development, load management, prey and defense drive development)

  • Service Dog Training (Advanced service dogs and service dogs that also protect)

  • Special Security Dogs (mitigation for bombs, fentanyl, and virus detection as well as security firm presentations)

  • Foundation Dog® demonstrations and sales events

Top Tier K9 MST provides seminars in protection training, advanced obedience, service dog work, and more.  In addition the Top Tier K9 MST will be the tip of the spear for rapid deployment for Top Tier K9 Special Security dogs for mitigation work in the event of nuclear. biological or chemical attack.

Top Tier K9 was the first company in the world to train a dog to hunt for and indicate of a virus.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, Top Tier K9 lead the world in K9 detection training and was the first to prove and demonstrate success in dogs hunting for and indicating on an actual virus (COVID-19).  Top Tier K9 MST will be utilized to export our special security dogs to US ports on entry and train the on-site handlers in support of government and private contracts.

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