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Virus Detection Dogs


Top Tier K9 is the first company to produce dogs to find and indicate on the Covid-19 virus that created the great pandemic of 2020.  Since the completion of the pilot project, Top Tier K9 now has a full Virus Detection Program within our Foundation Dog® finishing school.  Our dogs can have new viruses added to their scent portfolio in the future, helping you with a long term Return on Investment (ROI).


Using our federally trademarked Foundation Dog® program, we now finish Foundation Dogs® as Virus detection dogs (Special Security Dog).  These dogs can be purchased through Top Tier K9.  Buyers must attend our Virus Detection handler program prior to acquiring their dog.  We provide on-going maintenance and support of the dog and it's handler to ensure quality detection results for the duration of the dogs work life.

Top Tier K9 is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) 

Contact us to deploy our COVID-19 detection dogs or to acquire your own COVID-19 detection dog.


Procurement and Deployment


  • Adding Virus detection dogs to your business or agency's operations requires planning and support.  Top Tier K9 is staffed with certified Project Managers, Master dog trainers and human instructors ready to assist you in this process.  We provide the dogs, planning and support, as well as testing processes and supplies to help you quickly integrate these life saving K9 into your operational environment.

  • Top Tier K9 has an inventory of Foundation Dogs® ready to be finished as Virus detection dogs, bomb/explosive detection dogs. executive/family protection dogs, military/police K9, service dogs for people with disabilities, emotional support/therapy dogs, and special security dogs.  The finishing program for the Foundation Dogs to be readied for deployment in as little as 8 weeks (depending on inventory).  You can have your COVID-19 detection dog and your selected handler trained in as little as 8 weeks after contract execution. (depending on purchase or lease program)

  • Top Tier K9 trains your employees or contractors to manage the K9 and to supervise the test systems to rapidly integrate K9 based COVID-19 testing stations in your facilities or remote areas of operations.  This is the MOST important part of the program.  Your selected handler must be able to qualify through our rigorous handler training program.  A weak handler can destroy a dog.

  • Top Tier K9 provides patent pending test stations that are designed specifically to facilitate the dogs capability in detection of a virus and indicate on samples that are positive, ignoring samples that are negative.  This process allows a single K9 and handler to test, 6-12 people per minute (this includes collecting the samples from the individuals and preparing them for the K9 to sniff).  With potty breaks, rest and play incorporated into a duration of testing, the average Top Tier K9 certified Virus Detection dog can scan 360 people per hour.  The average is based on the proper care, motivation, and load management of the dog and the handler. 

  • Top Tier K9 provides ongoing support and maintenance including continuing education for the handlers and employees as well as re-certifications on a planned and/or ad hoc schedule.  Top Tier K9 maintains an inventory of certified Virus detection dogs that can be deployed with trained handlers to augment the staff of our clients in the event of an increased need, an injury or illness of a dog/handler.

  • In addition to training and integrating virus detection dogs into your business or agency, Top Tier K9 provides K9 and integration services for:

    • Mineral and precious metal detection (oil fields, mines)

    • Alcohol/drug abuse testing (non-intrusive)

    • Special security for your and your staffs security/protection (special events/threats)

    • Bomb/explosives detection (facilities, pipelines, airports etc...)

    • Community resources for home/business narcotics detection


Contact us today to get started on your procurement of one or more of the best dogs on the planet:  Top Tier K9 Foundation Dogs®

Studies and Research


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