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Certified Dog trainer School

Certified Dog trainer School

Certified Dog trainer School - Business development and Project Management

Project Management and Business Development

The majority of people who desire to become dog trainers also desire to start and their their own businesses.  Owning your own business and profiting from your skills is the foundation of the American Dream. No other dog training academy provides the level of project management and business development training that is provided here at Top Tier K9.  Jeff Minder is an award winning instructor and entrepreneur; highly sought after in many vertical markets.  He chose to build a special program for the dog training industry (Top Tier K9) in an attempt to reduce the number of dogs in shelters by increasing the number of professional dog trainers in the industry while at the same time helping those trainers live the American dream by teaching them how to start and manage their own business with quality and integrity as core principles.

We believe that to be a great dog trainer you must have a solid foundation in business and project management. The core competencies of project management and business development are contained within the Top Tier K9 Certified Pet and Foundation Dog Programs. We also offer our project and business management classes to other dog trainers, as well as professionals in other industries.


Our programs, developed with a foundation in Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy, are taught by Jeff Minder, a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), award winning teacher and entrepreneur, and certified master dog trainer.  These classes have been taught at several universities including the Universities of Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Rutgers, Delaware, and Baldwin Wallace. It is not only institutions of higher learning that have included these courses in their curriculum, but many fortune 500, 200, 100, and even fortune 50, companies have used them as well. Some of those companies include, but are not limited to, Lockheed Martin, Motorola, and Crowley Maritime Services.


You will learn the following in the Top Tier K9 Project Management and Business Development Classes:


Project Management Workshop

How to "plan your work and work your plan." Step by step how to define the scope of a project (like starting your own business), create the work breakdown structure required to accomplish the scope, lay out a feasible schedule and budget to successfully deliver on your scope, and communicate that scope to the stakeholders involved in your project.

Additionally, you will learn about the processes and techniques associated with:

  • Integration Management

  • Scope Management

  • Time Management

  • Cost Management

  • Quality Management

  • Human Resources Management

  • Communications Management

  • Risk Management

  • Procurement and Contract Management

  • Stakeholder Management

Business Development Workshop 

You will learn how to develop a business and marketing plan; how to value and manage your business; the best practices in running a dog training and boarding business; an introduction to a variety of marketing campaigns that have proven results in the dog training and boarding industry.  This workshop ends with a completed business plan for our students.


Being an entrepreneur means being a leader and owning your own future.  You will learn how to lead and will come to understand, and appreciate, that we "manage" things and we "lead" people. We don't "manage" people.


We work with our graduates to help them with their businesses long term.  Graduates of our Pet and Foundation Dog Programs, and those who have proven skills as outstanding dog trainers and business leaders have access to the Top Tier K9 Franchise System which provides select professionals with the ability to compete on a national and even international scale under the Top Tier K9 umbrella.


Project Management processes are taught and then used to map out your own business and marketing plans. Learn how to develop your business strategy, plan your business and marketing campaigns, find new clients, manage your customer communications and so much more. Graduates of this program who pass the requirements of a quality dog trainer are then eligible for Top Tier K9s Franchise System. This class is in line with requirements of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and will provide 15 professional hours of study towards certification and re-certification of PM credentials and Top Tier K9 certification credentials.


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