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The Metaverse

Download the Top Tier K9 app on your Oculus/Meta Virtual Reality head set and start your learning process.  This application is designed to be used to learn to handle your dog while it is being trained at a certified Top Tier K9 location.  certified Top Tier K9 locations are the premiere dog training centers in the nation.  The owners of these Top Tier K9 Franchises have been tried and tested on their skills and are the best of the best in the industry.  

You can, however, use the application on your own to learn to properly communicate with your dog.  Within the system is a library you enter with your service dog to access training materials to read and watch through your VR headset.  You then go into the training room and practice what you learned on our virtual dog (Obi).  Earn "bite coins" as you successfully train Obi to sit, come, down, climb and heel.  Give the proper corrections and rewards, use the proper markers to maintain the dogs load and work within a times interval to ensure the dog learns.  One of the best tools out there to practice an effective command sequence that works every time!

Link to buy and install: 

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