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How to Work in The Virtual Reality Dog Training Center

Timing:  You have 1.3 seconds to make things happen in dog training.  That is the average short term memory of a dog.  Give your commands, use your markers (yes and no voice commands) and give your awards or apply your corrections within 1.3 seconds or you fail the assignment and must start over.

Consistency:  Be consistent with your voice, level of tone, don't yell or get too excited that will impact the motivation of the dog.  Be consistent.  That is the hardest part of dog training.

Motivation:  Keep your dog motivated by giving rewards (after saying "yes") and giving corrections (after saying "no").


  • Climb

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Come

  • Heel

Command Sequence.png

Choose the "teleport to wall" and select a variety of training videos, PDF files, and a store to purchase products and services from Top Tier K9.  Find a trainer in your local area and see where the closest "Certified Top Tier K9 Site" is located so you can ensure the highest level of quality and support.  Top Tier K9 certified Sites are part of the Top Tier K9 franchise system and are dedicated to quality and service to our customers. 

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