Only the Best Earn and Maintain Certification with Top Tier K9

Alyssa Browning
Madison, Florida
Chris O'Brian
Madison, Florida
Kaitlyn Campbell 
Missoula, Montana 

I wanted to wait to write this until I got my first client so I could put everything I learned at Top Tier K9 to use and today is that day. January 5th I flew down to Florida originally for 5 weeks to get my pet certification, that quickly turned into 3 months. Not only did I get my pet certification I also got my working dog certification and became an affiliate of Top Tier K9. It was an amazing experience and I wouldn't change a thing. Jeff Minder is a wonderful teacher and pushes you to be the best that you can be.


I immediately felt welcome and had tons of people there for me. My first week was a business bootcamp that I went through with Amy Crocker and Ashley Blue, two amazing business women and trainers. During that first week I learned things that not only has helped me start and run my business but also has helped me in every aspect of my life. That first week blew by quickly and Ashley and I went on to start training pets. I can honestly say that I would not be where I am with my training if it wasn't for Ashley. We worked amazingly well together and help each other grow as trainers. After a lot of hard work we both certified as pet trainers. During this time Jeff and I discussed me staying for working dog and I ended up staying longer the backing of Jeff, Roger Campbell, and Lisa Campbell(my grandparents).


I really didn't know what I was getting myself into, but I quickly became aware. I don't think anyone knows how much hard work goes into training and owning a working dog until they actually do it. I absolutely love it and is worth all of the countless hours of training and lack of sleep at times. So I got my puppy Swift and got to work. Shortly after getting Swift from Crooked Creek Ranch I got the phone call that my great grandma was in the hospital and was not doing good. And of course I wanted to fly home and be there for her in my family which I didn't do at her request. Not long after that she passed away and it was incredibly hard for me being away from home but luckily I had Jeff, Ashley, and Chris O'Brian there for me the whole time and of course swift. Jeff was very understanding and not and did not try to rush me back into training and let me take the time I needed to grieve. Which most schools would not do. After taking a short break from training Swift and I got back into it and I pushed both of us as far as we could go. We both made huge improvements that would not have happened without Jeff Ashley and everyone there helping and pushing us.


I am incredibly grateful for all of the opportunities and experiences I have had because of Top Tier K9. I got to see and participate in impacting people's lives, I got to travel, and work with amazing people and dogs. There is not one school that I know of that has been as supportive and understanding as Top Tier K9. I 100% recommend Top Tier K9 to anyone wanting to become a dog trainer and run their own business. I am honored to be a part of the Top Tier K9 family and can't wait to see it grow with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Chad Miller
Alberta, Canada

I chose Top Tier K9 as the place to learn to better communicate with dogs. Jeff’s process is one based on fact and trial and error not emotion and bias. He developed a replicable process that allows us to communicate effectively with the dogs and teach them first how to learn and then a proven process to increase their capabilities.

The imprinting process is a solid program that allows the dogs to pick up new trade skills as they move through their career therefore adding value to the dog and its owner or handler for future endeavours. Your dog is imprinted at 6 months old and it can be modified throughout it's life to perform new tasks as demands and needs change for the owner.


Not only is it a solid program for the dogs but the dog trainer school for handlers and people wanting to become better trainers is well thought out and can be modified to work with your schedule.


Top Tier K9 is not just a place to go to get a certification and your done. It’s a place were if you want to be a part of the team and Top Tier K9 affiliate family you get huge value for you and your business. The support and team environment is one where we all want to help each other succeed and develop.

Denton Rummel
New Smyrna Beach, Florida
Victoria Stees
Cheyanne, Wyoming
Travis Lloyd
Ashtabula, Ohio
Jody Johnson
Moultrie, Georgia
Alexa White
Biloxi, Mississippi

The Pet Trainer Program through Top Tier K9 exceeded my expectations. The ability to be part of this program without leaving my home was a huge factor, as I work full time.


I found this program to have its challenges, but felt that I could overcome any obstacle I encountered with the help of Jeff and Kari. I also was extremely happy that there was a course before the Pet Trainer Program so that I had a foundation of education before I trained my first dog.


There is something to be said about a program that educates you on all aspects of the pet training industry. That being said, Top Tier K9 did an excellent job of educating me on the business aspects of the pet training industry as well. I know if I ever have any questions about business or pet training, I can call Jeff or Kari, without a doubt!


I am extremely happy that I chose to be part of the Top Tier K9 Pet Training Program and plan to continue through the Working Dog Program as well! Thank you Top Tier K9 for making me the best Pet Trainer I can be!

Amy Crocker
Birmingham, Alabama
Connor Stephens
Tallahassee Fl
Chris Williams
Missoula, Montana
Katie Sutton
St. Louis, Missouri
Hardy Purvis.jpg
Hardy Purvis
Austin, Texas

“On a scale of 1 to 10 I give Top Tier K9 an 11”, Hardy said.  “The working dog foundation program is amazing and the business development and project management processes I learned will help me take my business to the next level.  The business insights I gleaned from the classes more than re-paid my investment in class curriculum, instruction, purchase of a puppy and two trips to Mississippi and Florida!"

“I was able to learn live on-line through an ‘application’ level of learning while I ran my business and stayed with my family.  I then traveled for 2 short weeks to Madison Florida to prove that I had learned the required skills by demonstrating my amazing Malinois “Gerti” in tracking, scent detection, advanced obedience, and protection where I reached the ‘analysis’ level of learning”


Hardy added, “The business planning, and project management work I did with Jeff was worth its weight in gold.  When you see that Top Tier K9 is the gold standard in the dog training industry, believe it” he added. 

Hardy joined up in the Top Tier K9 affiliate program where he will be able to use and distribute Top Tier K9 training collateral to his customers in support of his business objectives of expanding into protection training.  In addition, as an affiliate, Hardy will be able to broadcast Top Tier K9 Live programing within his facility to members of his community.  Exclusive training programs that include our home-schooler classes on dog behavior and obedience, our Top Tier K9 for kids programs, and our defense programs for abused women are available only through our affiliate network.

Savannah Foster
Traverse City, Michigan

I certified as a Pet Trainer and am enrolled in the working dog trainer program.  My certification wat the Top Tier K9 Affiliate location of Great Lakes K9 Solutions lead to me getting a job working for Carolyn Cabot at this location.

Karen Wannamaker
Anchorage, Alaska
Russ Moore
Mt. Vernon, Ohio

I certified as a Pet Trainer with Top Tier K9.  Eventually I want to learn to train working dogs but making money training pets gives me so much opportunity.  I can keep my job with benefits and train dogs at night and on weekends while I grow my business.  This has been an amazing adventure for me and the staff at Top Tier K9 follow through with their promises.  Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy and Progressive Elaboration in business truly works!

Victoria "Rebel" Pascuite
Hamden, Connecticut
Jim Hayes
Thomasville, Ga
Julie Wellman
Anchorage Alaska
Michelle Lutz
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Trinity Lee
Drummond, Montana
Kate Stroup
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I chose Top Tier K9 to further my education in working dogs.  I had completed Starmark and the on-line classes of Top Tier K9 made it so much easier for working dog certification.  My classmates were from all over the country and we were able to work together through the on-line classroom and create business relationships as opposed to daily competition against each other.

The staff of Top Tier K9 are Top Tier.  The on-site certification was challenging and the fact it was the capstone to the on-line training ensured I was ready for the undertaking.  They really have the levels of learning down to an art.

I would recommend Top Tier K9 to anyone seeking to further their education in Pet and Working dog training.  I only need 1 dog to certify as a working dog trainer (instead of 2), I didn't want to leave my family, I didn't want to miss all the family events that I would if I left for an out of state campus.

Great program!

Chelsey Tourtelot
Richmond, Virginia
Ben Wolter
Bloomington, Indiana
Barry Abraham
Crawfordville, Florida
Don White
Conway, South Carolina
Leila Thomas
Newton, New Hampshire
Ben Landkammer
Knoxville, Tennessee
Zach Thomas
Newton, New Hampshire
Kayla Fitzpatrick Peters
Ava, Missouri
Marissa Jiral
Traverse City, Michigan
Brooke Trometer
Ft. Meyers, Florida
Hollie Robinson
Mountain Home, Idaho
Mike Dooley
Cincinnatti Ohio

One of my favorite things about Top Tier K9 is how hard they work for their students success.  I graduated the Pet Training Program, worked hard and became a Certified Top Tier K9 Pet Trainer,  and am now making money training pets while I am still enrolled in the Working Dog Trainer Program.  I can make money while I study and train dogs for paying customers as opposed to training dogs for free like they make you do at the other dog trainer schools.

Sharon Hunt
Clinton, North Carolina
Kelly Hager.jpg
Kelly Hager
Greeley, Colorado
Maria Schultz
Fredericksburg, Virginia
Ashley Blue
Perry, Florida
Annett Ihlemann
Hollywood, Florida
Brooke Chambers
Boston, Ga
Kris Morrill.jpg
Kris Morrill
Albany, Ga
Hollie Horner
Perry Florida
Marty Worline
Ospry, Florida
Moe Reeder
Valdosta, GA
Amy Nix Raddar
Tallahassee, Florida
Kat Roos
Missoula, Montana
Elizabeth Rouse
Tallahassee, Florida
Dean Weaver.jpg
Dean Weaver
Miamisburg, Ohio
Kayla Dahlberg
Spring Hill, Florida
Alex Kyle Kaminaris
St. Augustine, Fl
David Gumm
Ashtabula, Oh
LA Harris
Slidell, LA
Bob Lawler
Julie Madison
Tampa, Fl
Cody Dollmann
Kansas city
Sarah McNabb
St. Augustine, Fl
Amy Collin.jpg
Amy Collin
River Boe
Kelsi Long
Lisa Limmer
Zack Baldwin
Ty Reid.JPG
Ty Reid
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Harry Reid.JPG
Harry Reid

I have gained a lot of in depth knowledge and practical training during this course , more importantly, the business development section helped me tremendously. The training methods adopted by Top Tier k9 are proven to be both effective and practical.

I'm very thankful for having this opportunity and look forward continuing my professional development journey with Jeff Minder , he is the master of dog training business

Charlie and pup.JPG
Charlie Warden
Amber McGarrity
Casey Kinsey
Ashley Raymer
Henried Andrade
Dr. Carol Hershey
John Hawkins.JPG
John Hawkins
Ronald Brauner
Makenzie Maeoi
Perry, Florida
Lamont Williams
Nashville Tennessee
Mindy Cassel
Perry, Florida
Daniel Carroll
Perry, Florida
Cindy Hallen
Missoula, Montana
Paul Jones
Brooke Harrison
Alexandra Wilcox
Dallas Texas
Ben Wilson
Brock Jones
Kevin Rhoades
Anastasia Roberts
Bridget Weidner
Dan D'ambrosio
Elizabeth Diaz
Erwin Compes
Joseph Campbell
Kala Kriener
Kayla Papesh
Mollie Clark
Maxine Friend