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Paid Internship Available

Paid Internship Coming July 1, 2024

One of our current interns, Madison “Madi” Stafford, has fulfilled her 2-year contract and will be leaving for the police academy.  As a Top Tier K9 Master dog trainer, Madi has been involved in training hundreds of pets at 3 different corporate locations and more than 15 service and protection dogs.  In addition, she can design and develop project plans for all her future life challenges.  Madi will be missed.  A hard worker, dedicated to the dogs and the mission.  We are now seeking her replacement.


Able to relocate and live at our Milton Florida location, reliable transportation, hardworking, intelligent, self-starting and desiring a future as one of the top dog trainers in the world.

You MUST be certified as a Top Tier K9 Pet Trainer, with business bootcamp, before you are considered for this position.  Pay will be based on a living wage, and you will live on the Blackwater Bay campus free of charge (room, utilities, internet covered)

This is a competitive opportunity.  You will receive scholarships for our Foundation Dog® training/certification as well as all of our master programs/certifications including our new instructor training program.

We are a “drama free” zone and we will maintain that environment at all costs. Looking ONLY for rugged individuals who can stand up for themselves and confront challenges without whining. Far better than any college/university could ever offer. Contact Alyssa Browning attach resume, class date and which certification level you have achieved. You can also sign up for our April 4th class and begin your journey for consideration.


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