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Virtual Reality, Trainer Classes and Puppies

We have puppies in from our "Litters on The Ground" program. 5 puppies have been assigned to students for their

Foundation Dog Trainer program and 3 are being trained by staff. That means there will be 3 amazing dogs that can be acquired at phase 2, 3, or phase 4 of our program. Check out to learn more and to request a demonstration.

Our next Pet Trainer class starts May 5th, 2022. This is where it all begins! Live online every Tuesday and Thursday with day (10-11:30am) and night (6-7:30pm) options.

Our next Pet Certification and business development bootcamp is 23 May - 3 June. This is where our Pet Trainer graduates from our last class come to Madison Florida to certify and to take a one week business bootcamp that prepares theme to start and run their own dog training businesses.

Our Next Foundation Dog Certification is 6 June - 17 June. Students from Foundation Dog trainer will bring their Foundation Dogs to take them to the next level in protection, tracking, scent detection and off leash obedience.

Our Masters program for Service Dog Trainers is well underway with 10 students working to finish Foundation Dog as service dogs and also learning how to add service dog training to their dog training businesses. In addition, students are involved in our Build a Battle Buddy program for disabled veterans and first responders.

Our Masters program for Family/Executive Protection Dogs begins 12 July 2022.

Our Virtual Reality Dog Training Center launches 1 June, 2022 and a massive

launch party is being planned via Zoom and onsite at Top Tier K9. If you want to take part in the launch party sign up here.

Our K9 Warriors for Women Program is growing rapidly. We are confronting the abusers not only with K9 but with the power of our certified trainers and self-defense experts.

Visit and learn more about all of our programs.


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