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Top Tier K9: The Professional's Choice

Owning your own business, being your own boss is the #1 reason people look to the world of franchising. By franchising, becoming a franchisee, an entrepreneur can use an existing and successful business model to create more profit in a faster and more managed process. Additionally, being part of the Top Tier K9 Franchising System provides even more value and opens up even more opportunities for those who qualify.

Top Tier K9 franchise

Launching your own Dog Training Business: There are over 90 Million dogs in America and only 4% of them are properly trained. Even during the pandemic lock downs and the current recession, the pet and pet services industry has been growing. People need their dogs, they love their dogs and they are willing to spend money in the care and training of their K9 companions. Dog training and associated services were considered "essential services" during the last pandemic meaning, no shut downs and our business grew.

Certification and Continuing Education: New franchisees receive training from Top Tier K9's Academy for Dog Trainers, recognized as one of the best in the world: The program is designed for you to keep your current job while you become a professional dog trainer and capable entrepreneur using advanced internet technologies to access face-to-face instruction from some of the best dog trainers in the world who also happen to be award winning human teachers as well. You learn to train pets using a replicable, proven, balanced approach to dog training that puts the competition to shame. You learn to start and run your own dog training business and can launch your own private labeled dog training business or, for those who qualify, can launch a Top Tier K9 franchise. You then learn how to train working dogs (Foundation Dogs®) and can expand into the world of service dog training, police K9 training, protection dog training, and even virus detection training.

Educating and Certifying your Employees and Customers: Once you launch your business, Top Tier K9 will provide the pet training classes and certifications to your employees and we even have a network of certified dog trainers who may be interested in working for you, at your Top Tier K9 franchise, allowing you to grow your business in a managed way. Our multimedia training programs that include DVDs, video streaming and the worlds first (and only) Virtual Reality Dog Training Center allows you to focus more on training dogs and running your business while we ensure your customers and employees are receiving the quality education our brand is recognized for. Many dog trainers do not like working with humans, the Top Tier K9 Franchise System helps solves that challenge.

The Dog Training Industry: Each Top Tier K9 Franchise is a protected territory that will afford the franchisee ample market capacity to stay extremely busy training dogs for paying customers from the comfort of their own homes, in a small training center, in a storefront, or even in a massive kennel environment. The franchise is scalable and the industry is anticipated to grow at 6% annually. We help you scale. If you love dogs, if you enjoy helping people, and if you want to be your own boss then Top Tier K9 Franchising is the answer to your prayers. Additional resources and information can be found at the following sites:

Foundation Dog® is a registered trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC


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