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Top Tier K9® - Texas

Top Tier K9® is recognized as one of the top dog training companies in the world. Top Tier K9 Franchising is offering the most complete and comprehensive Franchise system and it includes the exclusive and total support of the Top Tier K9 Academy for Dog Trainers.

There are currently 2 tiers for Top Tier K9 Franchises. The first is the Pet Training Program and the second tier kicks in once the franchise owner (or a staff member) certifies as a Top Tier K9 Master dog trainer, allowing the franchise owner to train and sell protection dogs, service dogs, and special security dogs including police and military K9.

We offer franchises in almost every state of the country and are making a concentrated effort through Q1 2024 to expand our offerings throughout the great state of Texas. Customer demand is exploding for us in the Texas markets, specifically Dallas Ft. Worth, Houston, Austin and El Paso where we enjoy an exclusive referral relationship with a veterinary program with over 100,000 current customers.

We are currently operating in 6 other states with a heavy concentration of franchises in Florida and are expanding into the Miami and Jacksonville areas in early 2024.

Process: Contact Jeff Minder, CEO of Top Tier K9 Franchising and have a phone interview (850) 321-3253.

  • Request a Financial Disclosure Document (FDD) if you are interested after the call

  • Sign Receipt for FDD and return receipt.

  • Wait minimum of14 days from signed receipt to execution of Franchise agreement

  • Start the January 11, 2024 Online Pet Trainer Class (included with franchise payment)

  • Travel to Pensacola Florida for 2 weeks beginning March 4th for certification and business bootcamp (included with franchise payment)

  • Go home and launch your pet training business right from the comfort of your own home

  • Begin Foundation Dog® training (included with franchise payment)

  • Learn to train your amazing demo dog and use to beat all your competition

  • Take our Masters classes so you can add service dogs, protection dogs, and special security dogs to your franchise offerings

  • Get advanced business, sales/marketing, and other training from the top business training program in the industry.

  • Be your own boss, hire family members, relatives and friends so they can leave the rat race

  • Spend your time training dogs in a country where 96% of dogs are untrained.

Our goal is 12 Texas franchises in 2024, and 12 additional franchises outside of the state of Texas. 24 for 2024 as Top Tier K9 takes over the dog training industry.

Top Tier K9® and Foundation Dog® are registered trademarks of Top Tier K9, LLC all rights reserved.


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