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Top Tier K9 Academy for Dog Trainers

5 of our certified Foundation Dog® Trainers have finished their hands on requirements for certification as Master Trainers in Protection/Service Dogs and are ready for their final dissertations to complete all Top Tier K9 Master Dog Trainer requirements.

Bridget Weidner: Aurora Colorado: K9-Frito: Service Dog that also Protects

Amanda Clawges: Live Oak Florida: K9-C4: Service Dog that also Protects

Jenn Burgoyne: Alberta Canada K9-Dutchess Service Dog

Lori Parish: Gulf shores Alabama K9-Lucille Service Dog

In addition Alyssa Browning, Master Trainer put K9 Valor through all of his Foundation Dog and finishing work and is selling her 10th Service Dog that also protects through Top Tier K9.

Students begin the program through the "live online" pet trainer class. They then take the Foundation Dog® trainer class. Students then travel to Madison Florida where they work to certify as a pet trainer and Foundation Dog® trainer. Additionally students can attend the business bootcamp where they learn to start and run their own dog training business.

Foundation Dogs® can be finished as service dogs, protection dogs, Police/Military K9, virus detection dogs and special security dogs. Students complete the masters programs in these disciplines with a final requirement of training a Foundation Dog®, and finishing that dog for a paying customer after completing the live online classes in the specific disciplines.

It all starts with the Pet Trainer program and the next class begins January 12th 2023 with day and night options. Visit to learn more and to register for this class.

Top Tier K9 Franchising and New Business Development

We launched 2 new franchises last month and we are on track to launch 2 more in January. In addition we opened a third corporate location at Blackwater Bay on the panhandle of Florida with our grand opening/ribbon cutting on 1 December, 2022. Franchises are location in St. Augustine Florida and Bradenton Florida.

In addition, Top Tier K9 certified trainers will be staffing a nationwide program that will include 50 locations that offer dog training, boarding, grooming and veterinary services. The training programs will follow the Top Tier K9 training requirements and Top Tier K9 will provide quality assurance and continuation training for the trainers. These locations will also be reseller and boarding, grooming and veterinary care facilities for Top Tier K9 Foundation Dogs®.

Litters on the Ground

We have world-class Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherd puppies coming in to start our next Foundation Dog® Trainer Class for February 2023. 27 (10 from Ringo and B5 pictured below) puppies available for entry into the Foundation Dog program and then finished as Police/Military K9, service dogs, service dogs that also protect, executive/family protection dogs and special security dogs including virus detection K9.

Virtual Reality Dog Training Center

Feedback has been phenomenal! learning to apply corrections and rewards properly using a virtual dog saves our real dogs from the amateur mistakes made by new students and clients. Our VR users master the command sequence prior to ever touching a real dog and we are seeing a huge reduction in mistakes and training time to meet the application level of learning for our dog owners and trainers.

Foundation Dog is a registered trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC Top Tier K9 is a trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC


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