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Top Tier K9 expanding to Okaloosa County Florida

Top Tier K9 is expanding to Okaloosa County Florida and will be offering Pet training, Foundation Dog® training and finishing programs for military K9, special security dogs, service dogs and protection dogs.

Our expansion will help us satisfy demand for Foundation Dogs® for our DOD customers and the soldiers and airmen of the special operations communities.

Our corporate expansion includes establishing new/additional, Top Tier K9 corporate locations that meet strategic and tactical needs as well as franchise launches that provide opportunities for our certified graduates and their business partners across the country.

We will be servicing the Hurlburt Field, Eglin AFB, Pensacola NAS, Duke Field and 7th Group areas through our mobile units and shuttle services from our Tallahassee location as we build out the property in Okaloosa County. This will also be a program management site for our V2.0 Virtual Reality Dog Training Center allowing us to train our customers through VR with K9 Artificial Intelligence (K9AI). With military member use of VR systems at a much higher rate than the private sector.

"I am extremely excited about rejoining and supporting the special operations community to assist them in not only dog training but boarding and caring for their their dogs during deployments. I can finally put my retired ID back to work and get back on those bases to conduct training sessions and seminars right on base! I have also been invited to track special operators in their SERE training with my dogs, hell maybe they will let me put my comrade Orlov uniform on again" said Jeff Minder, Founder and CEO of Top Tier K9 and Top Tier K9 Franchising, "We will NEVER stop, we will NEVER be outworked"!


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