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Top Tier K9 Continues to Grow

Top Tier K9 Academy for Dog Trainers: A new course has been added to the school: "Introduction to Foundation Dog® Training". This 8 week live-online class was added as a comprehension level of learning class allowing students to study how to train a Foundation Dog® without having to have a new puppy. the 50 elements that roll up to the 4 functions will be studied by students and a comprehensive test will follow. Those who pass the test are then eligible to enroll in the Foundation Dog® Trainer class which is a 12 week class where the student must have a new working line puppy. The Trainer portion will be the hands on building of a Foundation Dog® with real-time support and troubleshooting from the remarkable staff at Top Tier K9. The Trainer classes will be help in conjunction with the availability of our world-class puppies through our Litters on the Ground program. Visit to learn more.

Adding the Introduction to Foundation Dog® Training allows all of our Pet Trainer students to learn how to train working dogs without having to immediately make the commitment to buying, training, and maintaining a high level Foundation Dog®. The Foundation Dog® Trainer class will be conducted twice per year, in line with our Litters on the Ground program and graduates of the Introduction to Foundation Dog® Training are eligible to attend.

Top Tier K9 in the Metaverse: Our newest release of the Virtual Reality Dog Training Center includes an advertising interface for our partners. Top Tier K9 Franchising uses the Metaverse property to promote franchisees and other business opportunities, Top Tier K9 demonstrates our service/protection dogs through the property and promotes select charities and affiliate properties, opportunities, products and services. Users can learn to train a dog using a balanced approach to dog training and can now visit the Top Tier K9 library to learn everything they need to know about the dog training industry and find Top Tier K9 preferred training locations across America. New enhancements are always in design and strategic launch plans of new releases will continue. Visit to learn more.

Top Tier K9 Franchising: Our 2023 Financial Disclosure Document (FDD) is available and we anticipate launching in 4 new states this summer. Our Franchise System that promotes non-food franchising is performing at levels far beyond the national average for new franchises. We look forward to this continued growth and success. Visit to learn more

Our next Pet trainer Class begins August 10th, 2023. Visit to sign up

Our Next Protection Dog trainer Master's Class begins June 27th, 2023

Our Next Introduction to Foundation Dog® Training begins July 19th, 2023 See you on the High Ground! Top Tier K9 is the Professional's Choice.


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