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Top Tier K9

The worlds best dog trainer school: Learn to train pets, working dogs, Foundation Dogs®, service dogs, special security dogs (including virus detection dogs), family/executive protection dogs, and more.

Learn to start and run your own business from Jeff Minder. A master dog trainer, award winning instructor, nominee to the Air Commando Hall of Fame, and recognized as one of the top entrepreneurs in America (Dell Computers and the National Federation of Independent Businesses).

The leader in virus detection dogs, their training, their handlers training, management, distribution and support. The first in the world to train a dog to hunt for and indicate of the COVID-19 virus. A platform that allows owners to add a new virus to their Foundation Dog's® scent portfolio in just 2 weeks. Scalable, upgradable, purchase or lease programs.

We sell dogs; police/military K9, service dogs, protection dogs, COVID-19 detection dogs and more.

We train you to train and sell dogs as well as to start and run your own pet training business in your community without you having to purchase a franchise license. That's right, we help you build and brand your own business.

International dog training club. Online and onsite helping our customers work their dogs in advanced obedience and protection (like a group class, like a bite club..only better) all over the world. Owner of the coveted "Foundation Dog®" trademark awarded by the US patent and trademark Office. Our training process works and our dogs stand above the rest. Visit and sign up for the next Pet trainer class (it all starts there). next class in March 30th with day or night "live online" options. Every class is live with your instructors. Learn from the best in the world.


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