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The Business of Dog Training

October 12th, 2023 starts the next Top Tier K9® Pet Trainer Class. learn to train dogs for other people, it's the first step in opening your own dog training business. This is followed by the December 4-14th Pet Trainer Certification and Business Bootcamp at our new Milton Florida location. (Top Tier K9 - Blackwater Bay) where you will learn how to manage and train multiple dogs and learn how to motivate and educate the dog owners so that the dogs live their best lives. Our business bootcamp is without peer, in any industry. learn to live like an entrepreneur and start/run your own dog training business.

Once you certify as a professional pet trainer you are eligible to enter our Foundation Dog® Trainer Program. The Foundation Dog® is fast becoming the dog of choice for many in the working dog world. Trained to track, find specific odor, protect, and perform unique tasks using advanced obedience training, Foundation Dogs are ready to be finished as service dogs for people with disabilities, protection dogs for all, and special security dogs for elite military and LE units.

Certified Foundation Dog® Trainers can then take our Master Dog trainer certification programs in service dogs, protection dogs and special security dogs. Franchise Option. Provided you qualify and hold the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, you can launch a Top Tier K9 in your own community. A rapidly growing network of professionals from all industries are launching their own Top Tier K9 franchises. Top Tier K9 is the Professional's Choice.

Sign up for our October 12th class at

Learn about our franchise option at

Top Tier K9® and Foundation Dog® are registered trademarks of Top Tier K9, LLC via the US patent and Trademark Office.

Last chance of 2023 to change your life for the better and get on the path of starting your own dog training business with the best in the business....Top Tier K9


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