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Top Tier K9 is on the Rise

Our unique approach to project leadership and business development is now being exported into other vertical markets, with a one week project leadership boot camp being conducted in Tallahassee Florida for a national destruction/construction organization. We improve project success in every vertical market. Our students learn how to plan and execute projects with a 3x greater success rate than those without this training. Whether they are starting their own businesses, training service dogs for people with disabilities, planning a construction project, adding new functions and features to software and computer based systems, developing new products in the automotive industry, or attempting to take the market share in a troublesome economy. This boot camp is just what the doctor ordered to eradicate the complacency virus.

5 service dogs that also protect were sold in the month of October at Top Tier K9. 12 Students certified as Pet Trainers and completed our one of a kind project leadership and business development boot camp. We averaged 10 pets in our board and train program. We entered into negotiations for the sale of multiple COVID-19 detection dogs and support systems.

We have over 100 Foundation Dogs® in inventory. These dogs can be finished in just 8 weeks. Finished as Police K9, Service Dogs that also protect, service dogs that don't also protect, Family/Executive protection dogs, COVID-19 detection dogs...and more.

We have another pet trainer class starting on January 6th with both day and night options for folks who want to learn to be dog trainers and start their own dog training businesses. We are on track to hit our 12 month average of 250 students enrolled at Top Tier K9 Academy for Dog Trainers. The #1 working dog trainer school in the country.

Foundation Dog® is a registered trademark of Top Tier K9. Visit


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