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Such Amazing Outcomes

We started our Build a Battle Buddy program about 3 years ago. The purpose was to help disabled veterans learn to train their own service dogs and to provide the education for the veterans to a level that they can even train their own service dogs.

We had already developed the Foundation Dog® program. A process that takes a puppy from our litters on the ground program and using replicable and scalable processes, finish those dogs as protection dogs, service dogs, military and police K9 with measurable, consistent results. We were awarded the trademark of Foundation Dog and the resulting news coverage, TV interviews, Television show segments allowed us to put that process into words in a way that was understandable to the human side of the leash. (if you can't state it simply, you don't know it well enough)

We already had standing as one of the top dog trainer schools in the world having created a replicable, scalable human training process to turn lawyers, doctors, software engineers, even public school teachers into successful dog trainers capable of starting and running their own dog training businesses. (over 200 certifications to date)

We witnessed the struggles of the existing service dog industry, the complacency of the country's education system (government schools and dog trainer schools that accept the GI Bill) whose innovations and motivations were forcibly stagnant because of their acceptance of government money/control, and came to the conclusion neither would have the positive impact on reducing the suicide rate of our returning combat veterans that our veterans needed and earned (even more veterans are committing suicide or simply living "zombie" lives through the VA system of health and education). In fact, there is evidence that having to wait 4-5 years for a service dog, the lack of support of charities and other government controlled agencies, and the concept they carry of sympathy (pulling the heart strings of donors and making the public feel it was being handled) over empathy (putting themselves in the veterans shoes) could theoretically be the cause of a large percentage of the suicides. Conclusion: when government is involved it hurts more than helps. Two things on our side that are certain: If Top Tier K9 accepted government money we would have never been able to train the world's first COVID-19 detection dogs, and we would never have been able to create the world's first and only VR based dog training center. Those innovations are not possible when you accept government money/control because entities that do so require the permission of "other men who call themselves government" to change their current programs. (and other men who call themselves government have no motivation to make their own lives harder)

Training the COVID dogs allowed us to evaluate our Foundation Dog program and modify our processes by measuring the success that came with the struggle of proving dogs could find something as small as the COVID-19 virus (1/4 the size of a wave of black light) and modify our function of "scent detection" in the process of training puppies through our program. Constant improvement in training dogs. Not possible with government controlled schools and charities except maybe through DARPA, Skunkworks, Big Pharma and other government entities who have permission from the government to act like a private business, but get tons of tax dollars to pay for their constant improvements. Dr. Fauci is a direct result of that same motivation, he is the product of government "creativity" and his output perfectly reflects that.

Training Humans by adding the greatest distance learning tool available to man (a measurable Analysis level of learning from afar), the metaverse, currently accessible through a VR headset allowed us to create the Virtual Reality Dog Training center. No government influenced group could do that, and still are unable to match it. Building knowledge through online, face to face teaching (using the internet instead of the interstate) supporting materials that are designed to allow the properly motivated student to obtain a compression level of learning, then nailing an application level of learning through through face to face online evaluations and a student based ability to practice to the hands on portion to their heart's content through a VR headset, opens up the Analysis level of learning to be achieved by the student without ever leaving their home. (for levels of learning see Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy).

These two innovations, applied to this one program (Build a Battle Buddy) enable veterans to train their own service dog without forcing them into situations that trigger things like PTSD until they are ready to do so with their Battle Buddy by their side, a Battle Buddy they trained and cared for. Then, my friends, they do it with zeal! and we are proving that, and applying what we learn to constantly make it better. We will continue to provide true opportunity to the men and women who have shed blood, mentally and physically, to secure the future of the greatest nation that has ever existed in the history of the world; America. They learn to train dogs, they train their own service dog, they begin to heal through the K9 and Human processes provided by Top Tier K9, and they have hope for the future that is directly related to their support of this great nation and their desire to still make a difference. We will see a reduction of veteran suicides and an increase of veteran owned businesses through the Top Tier K9 franchise system. As we solidify this program we will continue to look for other needs that allow these types of solutions that are not influenced by government. Replicable programs, like Build a Battle Buddy; God willing.

It all starts with the Top Tier K9 pet training class and the next class starts this March, 2024.

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