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Pet and Foundation Dog® Trainer Certifications

We will be setting a new record beginning May 23rd with close to 20 dog trainers arriving at our Madison Florida campus for their shot at certifying as Pet and Foundation Dog® trainers.

Certification begins with our advanced business training and business development bootcamp. This is where our students learn to start and run their own private label dog training businesses.

Students then are exposed to our huge inventory of dogs to practice what they learned in our live online dog trainer class. Hands on as many dogs as it takes to prove to us, and to themselves that they are ready to handle dogs of all kinds and of all temperaments.

Foundation Dog® Trainer certification follows the Pet Trainer Certification for students who have worked for several months in our live online Foundation Dog® Trainer class and have trained their working line puppy in the 4 functions of our Foundation Dog® program: tracking, scent detection, protection and advanced obedience. Trainers and their dogs are tested on the 4 functions and then work for 2 weeks throughout Madison County Fl to take their dogs to the next level on all 4 functions.

Certified Foundation Dog® trainers are then ready for all the master's programs that assist them in adding working dog training programs to their pet training businesses. They learn how to train dogs and owners in protection, service, and special security tasks.

This certifying class will be part of Top Tier K9's formal launch of our Virtual Reality Dog Training Center where they, and their clients, will be able to practice important dog training skills in the metaverse before putting hands on a real dog. Their dogs will thank them and this system will be a new beginning of dog training through the world.

Next Pet trainer class begins 5 May (Next week) and you have day and night options. It all starts with the pet trainer class...get on board and welcome to the evolution of professional dog training services. Visit to sign up for the class and to learn more about Top Tier K9 products and services.

Foundation Dog® is a registered trademark of Top Tier K9.


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