Own Your Future

Top Tier K9 is rated as one of the best Dog Trainer Schools in the country. We earned that rating by focusing on our students and ensuring that they are ready and able to start and run their own dog training businesses. No other school offers the level of training you receive at Top Tier K9. www.TopTierK9.com

Pet Trainer Program: learn to train pets for paying customers. Learn the balanced approach to dog training and more importantly, learn how to train the owner to maintain that training. You will learn to fix bad behaviors in both the dog and the owner. Learn how to read dogs and modify their behavior and make an amazing living doing it.

Business Development and Project Management: When you come to campus for your pet trainer certification, we spend the first week in a business boot camp, teaching you how to start and run your own dog training business. You own the business, you create your own name and image. This is not a franchise so you are not controlled by a third party. You get the opportunity of a lifetime. The chance to truly live the American dream as a successful entrepreneur and business owner.

Foundation Dog® Trainer Program: The premiere working dogs start their lives as Foundation Dogs®. You learn how to teach a dog to track, and to find specific odor like narcotics, explosives, even viruses. You learn how to teach advanced obedience and protection/apprehension work. At the end of this program you have an amazing Foundation Dog® as the demo dog for your business, putting your competition to shame. More importantly, you develop the skills to train more and more Foundation Dogs® to be finished as service dogs, police/military K9, special security dogs and protection dogs.