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Ongoing Customer Support

Beginning Monday, November 7th, 2022, Top Tier K9 Corporate will be providing a weekly "Live online" customer support program for continuation training and ongoing support for our pet customers and the pet customers of our Franchisees. Look for Top Tier K9 - Certified Locations on our website at

We work very hard to ensure our pet customers can maintain the training accomplished during our 4-week board and train program. This includes training videos for knowledge level learning, VR applications for comprehension level of learning, and weekly hands-on practice with their dogs during the board and train program for an application level of learning.

Sometimes life takes over and customers don't have the time to maintain consistency in training and they can forget the importance of timing and motivation to maintain the training. By knowing that each Monday they have access to some of the top dog trainers in the world, for ongoing training and support, they can leverage their training investments and long-term ROI for their individual Top Tier K9 training.

This program is limited to our pet customers and the pet customers of our franchisees. This allows our franchisees to provide world class customer support as a value add and differentiator against their competition.

Stay tuned for more information and opportunities for Top Tier K9 and our Franchise System


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