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Next Franchise Class Starts October 12th

Join us for our next Franchise class beginning October 12th. This class is for new Franchisees and franchise employees ONLY. This is a very special class that not only includes how to train pets for paying clients but also how to sell pet training services, how to manage the customer experience and how to start and run your own Top Tier K9 pet training business! explains the value of becoming a Top Tier K9 franchise and becoming your own boss, pulling in all the pet training money not just a small portion of it as a basic dog trainer. is the Academy for Dog trainers where you learn to become a certified pet trainer, a Foundation Dog® Trainer and a master at training protection dogs, service dogs and special security dogs. No other franchise system offers as much as a Top Tier K9 Franchise! Join us beginning on the 12th of October. This pet trainer class as well as the certification and the Foundation Dog trainer classes are included in your franchise license so reach out and request the Financial Disclosure Document (FDD) and, if you qualify, you can begin the process of opening your business, your Top Tier K9 business by the end of the year. Start 2024 off as your own boss, building your own client base, and working for yourself. There is no greater thing in the world than self-employment! Sign up for the class at


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