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Next Class Starts Thursday March 23, 2023

March 23rd, 2023 is our next Pet Trainer class that is live online with some of the best teachers and dog trainers in the industry. This is followed by the 2 week business bootcamp and Pet Trainer Certification at Top Tier K9 - Madison Florida.

Learn how to train pets for paying customers. Learn to deal with both ends of the leash to the benefit of the dog and its future. Learn the best techniques of training and how to apply the tools at the proper time to help the dog reach his greatest potential and make it as easy on the owner so the training is maintained.

Our focus is YOUR success as a professional dog trainer and business owner. This program is followed with a business bootcamp and hands on laboratory where you learn to deal with all kinds of dogs and behavioral problems as well as the owners and their issues that by and large cause the dog’s problems.

You can then expand your business to include Foundation Dog® training, the replicable, predictable and humane approach to training dogs in preparation for protection, tracking, advanced obedience and scent detection. Then, in the masters programs you learn the finishing work required to train and sell Foundations dogs® finished as service dogs, protection dogs and special security dogs.

Recognized as one of the best dog trainer schools in the world, our graduates even have the option to open up a Top Tier K9 Franchise that includes ongoing support and continuation training as a master dog trainer, supervisor, leader…entrepreneur and business owner.

Get started for just $2,950 in the next class. This is the last class at this price. Prices will be increasing for the June class. Day and night options designed for professionals who need to keep their jobs until they make the jump into the dog training world. See you on the high ground!


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