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We received ample input to make the decision to continue on with supporting private label dog trainers and to build our franchise system concurrently. The difference is we will provide more business training to our Franchisees as they will be using our communications systems and multi-media platforms in support of their clients and will have the accounting, legal and marketing infrastructure necessary to build a business in compliance with our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

New Franchise announcements will come out this month in relation to franchise licenses in Alabama, Florida and Ohio. Each franchise includes a protected territory of 100,000 people (larger territories can be acquired) and the legal ability to use Top Tier K9 in the business name. The franchise license is $35,000 less tuition for Pet Trainer, Pet Trainer Certification w/Business Bootcamp, and Foundation Dog Trainer (a $10,850 benefit) making the franchise license $24,150 plus 7% gross monthly revenue or $400 whichever is higher. A great price for a dedicated territory to launch a Top Tier K9 franchise with instant brand recognition and world class corporate support.

Whether you want to learn to train your own dog, open your own private labeled dog training business, or open up a Top Tier K9 Franchise, then our Academy for Dog Trainers is for you.

Next Pet Trainer class starts September 8th 2022 (This Thursday) with day and night options. There are 2 seats available ion each class with a mix of franchisees and private label trainers.

Version 2.0 of our Virtual Reality Dog Training Center has passed quality assurance testing and is ready for review by Oculus Labs for distribution of the Quest II VR Headsets. The interface has been updated to give a more enjoyable experience for our users and a video theater has been established so that VR users can watch our training videos as an integrated part of the VR experience. We are very excited about the launch and end user experiences will be evaluated through our Franchise network. Launch of our Emerald Coast location: We are finalizing the Milton Florida property that is just 15 miles east of Pensacola Florida. We will service the military footprint of North Florida from this strategic location. There are over 500,000 people within 1 hour of our newest facility. Our founder, Jeff Minder, was nominated to the Air Commando Hall of Fame as a direct result of his work while assigned to Hurlburt Field in Fort Walton Beach Florida. Mr. Minder will be networking this corporate location through Hurlburt Field, Eglin AFB, Duke Field, the 7th SFG, and Pensacola NAS as we grow our corporate locations and expand the reach of our programs like the Virtual reality System, Foundation Dogs, service dogs for disabled veterans, and our Academy for Dog Trainers.

Top Tier K9 will be introducing our Mobile Training System as a part of this expansion. Client training will take place at strategic locations close to our clients allowing them to reduce time away and fuel by bringing the demonstrations, VR systems, client practice sessions, and working dog demonstrations creating a "hub and spoke" opportunity for our customers. These programs will be presented in Niceville, Fort Walton Beach, Panama City Beach, Navarre, Milton and Crestview Florida as well as on the actual military bases in the area with this strategic advantage of our founder being retired military with full access.

Our team is ready for our new expansions and opportunities. Fully trained and certified trainers and administrative staff are running the Top Tier K9 locations in Madison and Tallahassee Florida as we expand to the Emerald Coast and Pensacola areas. We look forward to serving North Florida and the Panhandle as we expand the corporate locations while providing new opportunities across the country in our Franchise locations.


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