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New Class: Intro to Foundation Dog® Training

A complex and hard won training process to turn working line puppies into amazing working dogs. Foundation Dog® Training is a replicable process that uses Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy to create 4 levels of learning for the trainer and the puppy that is proven and replicable. Constant improvement through quality measurements, trainable, teachable and replicable. We are pleased to announce our new "Introduction to Foundation Dog® Training" class.

In this newly released class students will have an academic setting, without a requirement for a new puppy, to learn the steps, techniques and methods of teaching a puppy to track, find specific odor, protect and perform advanced obedience. 50 elements that roll up to those 4 functions in a managed, measurable, and replicable training process.

There will be multiple "Intro to Foundation Dog® Training" classes each year. Students can begin the class in week 5 of their pet trainer classes. Graduates of the class are then eligible to enter into our 12 week Foundation Dog® Trainer program once they obtain a working line puppy. The Foundation Dog® Trainer program is designed to assist the graduate of Intro to Foundation Dog® Training with the hands on training of their puppy through the Foundation Dog® training process. Students can purchase multiple 12 week packages for continuing support for their first puppy or if they are training multiple puppies in the future.

Once a student feels they are ready, they can travel to Top Tier K9 with their Foundation Dog® and attempt to Certify as a Foundation Dog® Trainer. Masters programs are then available to help certified Foundation Dog® trainers obtain their Masters as a dog trainer by finishing a Foundation Dog® as a service dog, a protection dog, or a special security dog and add those offerings to their dog training businesses. Foundation Dogs® perform all of those services, the Masters programs are to help the students understand how to sell and maintain the dogs into those specific industries.

The launch of the new Introduction to Foundation Dog Training class begins 19 July, 2023. You MUST be a current student in the Pet Trainer class, or a Certified Top Tier K9 Pet Trainer to attend this class. The class is 8 weeks long, includes the video support package (a $799 value) and only costs $2,450. Live online meeting with some of the top dog trainers in the world. A GREAT opportunity to learn HOW to train a puppy and turn it into a Foundation Dog®. You can then decide if you are ready to make the commitment of a working line puppy and enter the Foundation Dog Trainer program fully ready to train your new puppy with our expert support! Sign up for the class

See you on the high ground!


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