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Mobile Support Team Launched

Top Tier K9 has launched it's newly created Mobile Support Team (MST) to assist Franchisees and Certified Affiliates in their business development across the United States.

Top Tier K9, headquartered in Madison Florida, has grown to become on of the top dog training companies in the world with 3 corporate locations across the Florida Panhandle (Madison Fl, Tallahassee Fl, and Milton Florida) and a growing network of Top Tier K9 franchise locations across the United States. Top Tier K9 is recognized as one of the top dog trainer schools in the world and launched the world's first Virtual Reality Dog Training Center to support the owner side of dog training.

The Top Tier K9 MST has it's first mission in support of Top Tier K9 - Greenwood Indiana August 26th, 2023 with a seminar beginning at 10am at the Top Tier K9 - Greenwood facility. In September, the MST will travel to Aurora Colorado in support of Top Tier K9 - Aurora (Date and venue to be announced). The MST will provide decoy work for our Franchisee demo dogs (Foundation Dogs), demonstrations of service dogs and special security dogs, and presentations of our advanced training techniques and methods to the dog owning public in support of our Franchisees.

Dog training can be a lonely endeavor. The old saying is, "the only thing two dog trainers agree on is that the third one is wrong". It is an isolated, generally unregulated, and cutthroat industry that makes the average dog trainer long for companionship of other trainers in a productive, positive and supportive environment. This is what the Top Tier K9 MST was built to address. Master dog trainers, sales, marketing and business professionals, and decoys, traveling in support of our Franchisees to create a positive and supportive weekend seminar to help market and support local franchisees.

A Top Tier K9 Franchise, level one, offers a board and train program for pet owners and the franchisee carries the Top Tier K9 Pet Trainer Certification and sports a fully trained Foundation Dog® as a demo dog. A Level two franchise is either owned by a Top Tier K9 Certified Master Dog Trainer or has at least one Master trainer on staff. The level two franchise participates in the training and reselling of Foundation Dogs finished as service dogs, protection dogs and special security dogs.

"Top Tier K9 started about 10 years ago using a mobile dog trainer model. Traveling to student locations to provide on site support during certifications while exploring America and training our working dogs on the road. Adding this model back into the portfolio is a dream come true and will greatly support the sales and development of our Franchise locations". - Jeff Minder, Founder: Top Tier K9 and Top Tier K9 Franchising.

Visit to learn more about our dog trainer school, to see if you qualify to open your own Top Tier K9 dog training business, or to learn more about our VR system.

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