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Masters in Service Dog Training

Top Tier K9® has the most advanced and complete educational system for dog trainers in the world. A step by step learning process for training pets, training Foundation Dogs®, finishing Foundation Dogs® as service dogs, protection dogs, and special security dogs, business and project management training for launching a dog training business and a franchise system to help our top students pull everything together and live the American dream.

Our next Master's class for service dog trainers will begin April 16, 2024. All students who have completed the introduction to Foundation Dog training class (next class is February 21, 2024 and attendees of that class are also eligible for this class) are eligible for this Masters class. To certify as a master dog trainer requires you first certify as a Pet Trainer, then a Foundation Dog Trainer, then a Master Trainer. That does not preclude our students from taking the Masters classes as they are available for anyone who comprehends Foundation Dog training. Certification as Master Service Dog Trainer requires you to train a Foundation Dog, finish and sell the service dog to a paying customer as well as pass a formal test at the Analysis Level of Learning.

Visit to sign up for this masters class. 10 weeks long, every Tuesday from Noon - 2pm EST. This is an Analysis level of learning class and includes medical research as well as legal research to help you integrate Service dog training into your dog training business. The class includes how to finish a Foundation Dog as a service dog for several different but common disabilities like PTSD, Diabetic Alert, Mobility Support, Autism. Allergen alert, and more. In addition, you learn the process of training a service dog to also protect with access to the ADA and legal doctrine that allows that.

Become a real Master dog trainer by learning from the absolute best in the world, Top Tier K9®. Home of the Foundation Dog®, Home of Service Dogs that also Protect, and where the world's first COVID-19 detection dog was trained!

Next Pet Trainer Class Starts 11 January 2024

Next Introduction to Foundation Dog Training Starts February 21, 2024

Litters on the Ground expected March 2024

Masters in Service Dog Training starts April 16, 2024

Everything you need to live the American dream, help dogs, and help people with disabilities is right in front of you! Join the Top Team in the world, Top Tier K9.


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