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Litters on the Ground

If you have ever spent time looking for that perfect new puppy, one that has all the drive you desire for your planned use, one that has the trainability and stability that will carry it through the strongest of challenges, and one that is healthy and will live a long life, then you know how hard it is to find that puppy, at the right time, when that perfect breeder has a litter on the ground.

Top Tier K9 created our "Litters on the Ground" program so that we can help our students obtain that perfect puppy for use in our Foundation Dog Trainer program and our Build a Battle Buddy program for disabled veterans and first responders. Breeders who have proven their skills and completed our trainer programs are able to sell their puppies into our programs provided they maintain that quality and relationship with Top Tier K9.

Our students can obtain their working line puppies for all of our programs in any way they want, we teach them how to recognize a strong puppy and an honest breeder and how to begin training immediately so that puppy can learn the 50 elements and 4 functions that make up a Foundation Dog: tracking, scent detection, off leash obedience and protection. By using one of our approved breeders, our students get an increased level of confidence and a guarantee of honesty and integrity from the breeder. This is rare in the dog industry and anyone who has been lied to by a breeder understands the deep costs of that in the short and long term.

Top Tier K9 is at the top of every list with our dog training and human training programs. It starts by using quality puppies, applying proven training techniques in a replicable process (Foundation Dog training) and then finishing those Foundation Dogs for the buyers specific needs (demo dogs, protection dogs, service dogs, special security dogs and more). Looking for a puppy with extreme stability, outstanding hunt and prey drive, from proven working lines? Take a look at a couple of our new puppies, 9 weeks old, 1 week into our Foundation Dog Trainer Class...Hello K9 "Kaboom" and K9 "C4"


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