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Learn to train dogs from the best in the world

Top Tier K9 is one of the best dog trainer schools in the world for pets, police K9, military k9, COVID-19 detection dogs, family and executive protection dogs and even service dogs for people with disabilities; Top Tier K9 even provides you with an education in starting and running your own dog training business.

Trademark holder of "Foundation dog®", we were live online before live online was cool. We train people, we train dogs, and we were the first in the world to train a dog to hunt for and indicate on the COVID-19 virus. Our dogs are now being sold all over the world to help mitigate the great pandemic of our time. We provide ongoing management and support services for our deployed K9, what other dog trainer school does that? The answer is none of them, Top Tier K9 stands alone and leads the dog training industry in business development.

  • Learn to be a pet trainer and start your own lucrative business

  • Learn to train Foundation Dogs and add that feature to your business

  • Learn to finish Foundation Dogs as protection dogs, service dogs and special security dogs (police, military, virus detection, private security offerings)

  • Become an affiliate and watch your profits skyrocket

The next class starts March 30, 2021. We offer day and night options and we provide training to dog trainers all over the world. We also have a Virus detection dog handler class beginning 17 February, 2021 for purchasers of our COVID-19 detection dogs.


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