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K9 Battle Buddies for Veterans

Top Tier K9 Franchising ( ) is managing the distribution of 15 dogs to veterans in need of a K9 battle buddy! Veterans in the following communities can join our zoom conference on October 10th to learn about this program and to take part in it. There is no charge for the veteran.

Veteran training begins on the 10th of October, 2023 at 6pm EST. Sign up at Initial classes are for Tues-Wed-Thursday for 2 weeks where the veterans will learn the Top Tier K9 command sequence, learn about health and nutrition, and learn how to manage their dogs. The veterans will then receive their dogs and will work in private lessons with local Top Tier K9 Certified Master dog trainers. Once all dogs are delivered to the veterans, online group classes and ongoing support will be provided through the Top Tier K9 Academy for Dog Trainers. Several charities are involved so if you are a veteran who has been on a waiting list for a dog, let your local charity know about this opportunity. Communities involved in this first round are: Pensacola/Milton Florida (Top Tier K9 - Blackwater Bay) Indianapolis Indiana (Top Tier K9 - Greenwood) Denver Colorado (Top Tier K9 - Aurora)

Tampa Florida (TopTierK9 - Bradenton)

Sign up for the 10th of October and learn about the program at


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