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International Dog Trainer Certifications

Top Tier K9 Foundation Dogs® are leading the way around the globe on virus detection and mitigation. With the expansion of our global relationships and investments in technology and advanced distance learning protocols, we are proud to announce the addition of 3 International Certifications to our Academy for Dog Trainers; International Pet Trainer Certification, International Foundation Dog® Trainer Certification, and our International Virus Detection Dog Handler Certification.

Dog trainers from around the world have been attending Top Tier K9's Academy for Dog trainers for many years. They have worked to become effective and efficient in training pets and working dogs through our Live-online school, face to face with some of the top dog trainer instructors in the world (we don't send our students to video libraries and expect them to learn through osmosis, we actually teach our students, validate that they learned, and help them start their Up until 2021, students had to travel to the US to certify as a Top Tier K9 trainer. Beginning this month, students can now certify from around the world without traveling to the US.

Business training and development is a critical component of what makes Top Tier K9 one of the best dog trainer schools in the world. Add that to our dog training techniques and methods that are the most effective and humane to the dog and the trainer, and you see why we are rated as one of the top dog trainer schools in existence today. Adding International Certifications that are of high value, high quality, and replicable required a massive investment in the distance learning space. We accomplished that!

Centralized Internet-supported training, real-time interfaces, one on one support, and ongoing quality assurance comes together to create the newest, most effective and efficient dog trainer school in the world. Visit and sign up for the next Pet Trainer class (it all starts there).

Learn to train pets and learn to start and manage your own business. learn to train Foundation Dogs® and turn your Foundation Dog® project into your demo dog, destroying your competition. Then take the masters programs to learn how to turn Foundation Dogs® into virus detection dogs, service dogs, protection dogs, Police/military K9.

Foundation Dog® is a registered trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC


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