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Increase Your Dog Training Skills

November 8, 2023 is our next Introduction to Foundation Dog® Training class. Learn how to train a working line puppy to track, find specific odor, perform protection work and thrive with advanced obedience skills. This is the #1 Foundation Dog® training program in the world, teaching you how to train a Foundation Dog®. You do not need a puppy for this class, this is the class where you learn to do the training and then, with our Foundation Dog® trainer Class, you acquire your working line puppy and start this training process as soon as your puppy arrives.

December 4-11 is our next Pet Trainer Certification and Business Bootcamp. This will be held at our Milton Florida location (Top Tier K9 - Blackwater Bay). The first week is hands on multiple pets and learning to manage pets within a kennel environment. Week two is the #1 business bootcamp in the industry. Learn to start and launch your own dog training business, build your executable business plan and learn to integrate world-class project management processes into your business planning and execution.

January 11, 2024 is our next Pet Trainer Class. Learn our training methods and learn how to train dogs for paying customers. This class is designed for those who want to start their own dog training businesses, and for those who want to work in our franchise system or work for one of our certified affiliates. All franchisees start here. All advanced training, Foundation Dog®, Masters in Service dogs, protection dogs and advanced security dogs start here.

February 7th, 2024 is our next Masters in Service Dog Training class. Learn to finish a Foundation Dog® as a service dog and learn how to integrate service dog sales into your dog training business. No matter what the task needed by the customer, you will learn to finish the Foundation Dog® to perform that task, learn how to train the owner in managing the service dog, and use the virtual reality dog training center to help prepare the owner.

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