Global Dog Training Club

Top Tier K9 is pleased to announce the opening of our new "Global Dog Training Club". This is a mobile training program that replaces the traditional "club", "working dog club", and "group class" gatherings of the past. Top Tier K9 is rated as one of the best dog trainer schools in the world. Now you can join our club and train your dog with us each week from the comfort of your home from anywhere in the world. During April - June (Q2 2021) we will provide "club" on Friday nights or Saturday lunch time gatherings that will include onsite and live online programs. This allows our trainers and their customers locally and from all over the world to take part in professional club meetings that will help them and their dogs improve in their obedience, advanced obedience, load management, bite development, scent work, tracking, puppy imprinting and forecasting, and so much more.

The old approach to clubs and group classes have been greatly devalued due in large part to the COVID-19 pandemic, but also to the lack of consistent and professional trainers, lack of diverse/professional decoys (usually limited to sport decoys), far too much drama/high school antics, and held at locations that are not appealing to professionals. Top Tier K9 Global Dog Training Clubs fixes these problems and helps take the ghetto out of dog training so that everyone feels welcome, learns how to better train/handle their dogs, and improves the bond with their dogs and their capabilities with each session.

Friday nights will be in Tallahassee Florida at our training facility downtown. Local members can join us and broadcast to global club members in real time.

Obedience, advanced obedience, bite work, scent work,