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Decoy/Helper Opportunities

Top Tier K9® is one of the fastest growing dog training companies in the country. We are interviewing for decoy/helper positions in our Pensacola and Tallahassee markets.

A decoy/helper is an individual who uses the proper equipment and load management techniques to increase a dogs confidence, ability to manage pressure, and to help a dog execute controlled, deep, full and calm bites in defense of the dogs owner.

We do not work as a bite club. We have dozens of protection dogs, military and police K9 candidates that need to be worked in the training center and through safe and practical scenario work. The focus will be on the company dogs, then staff dogs including your own.

We start our training at 8 weeks old and progress the puppy through Foundation Dog® certification. We will train the right candidate on the proper decoy techniques for puppies and adolescent dogs for great decoys who simply don't have that background. After Foundation Dog® certification, the dog is ready to be finished in scenario work (as an executive or family protection dog, as a police/military K9, or as a special security dog for defense subcontractors).

Applicants must be experienced at training protection dogs and safely improving the dogs bite, load management, and obedience through prey and defense drives. Part time positions available progressing into full time for the right people.

While working at Top Tier K9, you have access to our training programs including master trainer classes for protection, service and special security dogs at steep discounts.

Email your resume, credentials and references to


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