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Decoy Bootcamp at Top Tier K9

February 24th through the 29th at our Madison Florida location we will be conducting a safe catch decoy bootcamp for people interested in learning to train protection dogs. This is a non-sport bootcamp. In this program you will learn to take an 8 week old puppy and build it's ability to become a Foundation Dog® and then learn to take that dog and turn it into a protection or special security dog.

No experience necessary, we will teach you how to train a puppy and it's handler as a professional decoy/helper. Top Tier K9 has already expanded into 6 states and is projected to be in more than 14 states in 2024. We are one of the fastest growing franchises in the country as we offer pet and working dog training programs through our franchises. Each franchise will have a need for real decoy/helper work as they train protection dogs and service dogs that also protect. You will learn how to assist them in this process.

This camp will be followed up with online support every Saturday where you can log in, see us working dogs and work dogs in front of us for ongoing support. Location is 2409 SW CR 360 Madison Fl 32340

If you have bite gear you can bring it, if not we have plenty onsite for your use

There are several airbnbs as well as local hotels to stay.

You will be required to sign a waiver upon arrival. We will use Zoom to collect registrations and payments but all the program will be onsite in Madison Florida. Only $650


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