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Build a Battle Buddy

Top Tier K9 is please to announce the release of our "Build a Battle Buddy" program. Qualified disabled veterans can now attend our Build a Battle Buddy program that teaches veterans how to train and finish Foundation Dogs® as their own service dogs. The next "Build a Battle Buddy" class begins July 5th.

This is an intense 30 week "Live online" program capped with a 2 week onsite certification at Top Tier K9's ADA compliant campuses in Tallahassee Florida and Madison Florida. Students will learn how dogs think, learn how to train dogs using a balanced approach to dog training, learn how to train dogs to track, find specific odor, in advanced obedience and in protection, learn all about health and nutrition, then finish their Foundation Dogs as their own service dogs.

Top Tier K9 will provide the live online training through our #1 ranked Academy for Dog Trainers and has partnered with charitable organizations to help the disabled veterans fund the "Build a Battle Buddy" process. The Veteran is responsible for paying up to 25% of the program including (travel, housing, meals etc..). The rest of the program is covered by charitable donations which are then matched by Top Tier K9.

This is a phenomenal way for disabled veterans to obtain a high quality yet inexpensive service dog that they learn to create. Veterans are required to pay some of fees and expenses to participate in this program. This ensures the veteran has skin in the game and will work hard to fulfill the requirements to succeed in the program.

Forgotten Coast K9 is the first charity that has qualified to place disabled veterans into the "Build a Battle Buddy" program. They will also be responsible for working with the veterans to finish their dogs as service dogs during the 2 week onsite certification class. Next class starts Saturday July 10th and we meet every Saturday for 30 weeks.

Forgotten Coast K9 has certified master dog trainers on staff and has successfully trained Foundation Dogs® to become service dogs for several disabled veterans. Learn more about the program at or


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