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Being an Entrepreneur

Starting your own dog training business can be a very scary idea. It can overwhelm most people and cause them to simply be a decoy/helper in a club, advise neighbors on potty training, or conduct Saturday group classes, while they hang on to that job at the mall, at the home repair business, stay at the vets office as a vet tech, or continue driving that uber. That big step to opening your own dog training business can be a challenge, a leap of faith.

Join our free webinar for next Thursday August 25th at 10am

At Top Tier K9 we remove the fear of starting and running your own dog training business. We now are even bringing the partnerships as well as the sales & marketing support to make it even easier to venture out into the world of true entrepreneurship.

September 8th starts that new entrepreneurial offering through our Pet Trainer live online class. For the first time we will be adding our franchise option to our world-class dog trainer program. Students can still learn to start and run their own private label dog training business or they can opt for the franchise option which will align dog trainers with business professionals in protected territory partnerships that can catapult the dog trainer into the highest levels of revenue and job satisfaction anywhere by opening and owning their own Top Tier K9 dog training business.

One side of the partnership brings the dog training ability, the other side brings the business and sales experience as well as the majority of the capital necessary to make the partnership successful. With minimal capital outlay a Top Tier K9 certified dog trainer can become an entrepreneur, a partner in a limited liability company (LLC), and build a successful dog training business in their own community. Tired of your hourly job as a veterinary technician, groomer, or dog trainer? Tired of your hard work as a mechanic, a plumber, an IT professional, or a teacher being unappreciated? Tired of the stagnant wages with ever increasing inflation, rising taxes, rising insurance costs while you burn expensive fuel sitting in traffic to face a grueling 9-5 job that is more concerned about the clock than the quality? Tired of putting yourself in a position where other people can force you to get a vaccination, wear a mask, and limit your freedom of speech? Then, like the rugged Americans before you, you can learn to start and run your own business, be your own boss, and work with dogs.

Sign up for the next pet trainer class at day and night options.

If you become a Top Tier K9 Franchisee your tuition is applied to your franchise license. If you partner with a business coach and together start a Top Tier K9 franchise, the business mentor reimburses your tuition through the payment of the franchise fee. If you decide you simply want to open your own dog training business then the tuition is pay as you go with the first class being only $2,950.

Phase 1 (tuition is applied to the franchise fee if franchise option is selected)

  • Pet Trainer

  • Foundation Dog trainer (the demo dog for your business)

  • Pet Trainer Certification

  • Choose the franchise option or private label it on your own

  • Choose to open your own business, a Top Tier K9 franchise on your own, or partner up with a business coach

Phase 2

  • Foundation Dog certification

  • Masters programs: Service dogs, special security dogs, protection dogs


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